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my studio was waiting for questions asked, no chiding, no eye-rolling.... thank you studio for receiving me back into the fold as if not too much time had passed....

i made a flower! (above) - it is so thrilling to now have enough targets around to just try things out for the darn heck of it! new color combos, new stitches to try, stitches to try again in other ways, sizes, threads.... it is lovely to feel like there is no limit, no ceiling no barrier.... room to play, room to try (this is an unusual state, i know... must relish while it's here!)

that said, even though my grades are calculated (still have to post them), and i snuck away into the studio for a whole day - my calendar just looks ickily packed... no rest for the wicked. does that make me wicked?? (i am winking). what i really really really want to do is a bit fat nothing! imagine that - me - nothing! but really - i would actually enjoy a beach day, a long hike, a mental release.... but not possible yet.... still have clients to please and things to make and syllabi to re-write (almost done with that one), and student work to post (why did i think that was a good idea?? no it is... it's nice to see them all together....), and t-shirts to print and sell (i think we just got a big order! woo hoo)

speaking of which... THANKS to everyone who visited Abby-Normal and purchased or commented so sweetly or BOTH!! so nice to have such a response....

oh! in response to the whole ambition thing someone mentioned Rilke.... good point....questions are good. having all the answers would be dull - tis true tis true (maybe there could be one day where you feel like you know - a little i know what i'm doing holiday!) I have been thinking about other inspirational writings to help when the going gets rough... Agnes Martin's Writings .... i'm in the middle of Ben Shahn's The Shape of Content (part of this will be read for the painting class) any other good ones??

and i've been thinking of putting a resource list together - to hang out there on the left... all the funky places on the web that could have supplies for craft/art making - and not the usual ones (no michaels, no dick blick) - the hard to find really cool ones.... good idea? i can't even find them all in my bookmarks anymore b/c my bookmarks go on forever and ever.... any thoughts on things that REALLY should be included??


wendy said…
No wonder you can't get to your studio. You are doing so much work!! How many websites and side projects do you have?!
You are amazing!
I really love the target series.

(I am really glad you took time for yourself!!-very deserving)

(I love my shirts & bag!!!! - sweet & beautiful)

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