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i made a flower! i have a pair of pants that ended up w/ a funny mark on them. i love the pants and didn't want to stop wearing them and thus i made this flower to cover the spot up! it was a spur of the moment what scraps do i have around kind of thing - and luckily i had the pin back (i have a whole bag of them!).... with this post i feel like i'm a little bit more in line w/ all the talented crafters that post about all their creations day after day after day, but i can't fathom doing it on a daily basis... i wish i could.... but there isn't enough time.... or more accurately i would have to give up art time (which i just can't do since i don't feel like there's enough of that!). what has happened is that i'm not teaching 3 nights a week so i do have some time in front of the TV to make little things time! yay!!

which leads me to.... i joined a critique group of practically all women artists (one guy - who happens to have also graduated from mills - my alma matter - a year ahead of me and who is a DEAR DEAR fellow). i was finally able to attend my first critique on thurs. evening. it is really humbling and wonderful to be around so many talented, smart, edgy (in a funny good charming way) creators who are earnestly trying to give each other support, feedback, encouragement, advice, suggestions, etc. i actually even showed my work - and i'm super jazzed now - so many good thoughts, reactions, things to ponder...... too bad i have to go back to more steady work next week.... less studio time.... sigh....

which leads me to... (sensing a theme here?) something that came up. i was talking to one of the gals about why is it that we are all just completely INSANELY busy - beyond what we all think is humanely possible. the answers we came up with? 1. we are all that age (30-something) where we are trying to balance career, life, etc. and figuring out what the heck we seriously want to do with our lives (these are the INCOME EARNING years - excuse me while i laugh) and 2. since we are all artists, if we are not in that limited percentile that has enough money to live comfortably (insert envy and hope for some rich childless uncle i don't know about here) we all have to have jobs that PAY - which essentially means we all have at least 2 jobs! (and if you are me you have like 20). i know i've thought about this before, but all of a sudden it hit like a ton of bricks. if you are a banker, you go to your banker job 9-4 (remember it's bankers hours). you go home - you have a family, you have some hobbies.... you may even have a passion for quilting which you spend doing in all your spare time - which is great! .... us artists? we have the paying job and then we are constantly thinking about what we are making, and why we are making it and if we are serious we are looking at what other artists are making and think about why they are making. and we worry about if anyone cares about what we make and why does that matter and do we want to show our work and if so where, and sending out packets and proposals is a whole nother JOB (i'm up to 3 here) where you have to look and act and write professionally and be organized..... hmmmm.... once again can i just say i wish i had a minion?? (this never gets old).

which also leads me to.... i start the kid teaching again next week - which means.... this blog is OFFICIALLY a year old!! holy canoli. can you believe it?? i can't!! who knew that i would manage to have something to say every few days for a year straight..... and have picked up a few readers besides family (hi family! happy father's day tomorrow!).... feels good.... thanks....


Anonymous said…
Happy one year birthday, blogger! Your musings are a great way for us non-artists to get an inside look into the world you inhabit. Keep them coming.

Enjoy and savor the support group you have attended. It will nurture your creative spirit.
wendy said…
I told you you were the hardest working woman!! That critique group is going to be great though, force you to make some time for the studio! I totally get the insanity that is happening (now that I am 30) trying to balance life and work and play.
I am glad to be one of your readers.
tania said…
yah, you are so right!!
its nuts.

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