trades rock!

robot girl in her new home Originally uploaded by dressform.

here's my new robot at home on my dresser.... does she fit in or WHAT?? thank you thank you thank you hillary! but if you think it ends there oh no! look what else came in my package:

goodies from wee wonderfuls Originally uploaded by dressform.

is the fashion sketch pad just about the coolest thing you've ever seen?? the pages inside have a peachy colored 50's lady that you are supposed to draw the clothes onto...some drawings are going to have come out of that - oh my studio! how i miss it!! i haven't had a really full day in there in who knows how the heck how long. bad artist. i am a bad artist! i did, though, finally update my portfolio on the website. all the target pieces and the patchwork piece from the beginning of the year are up there.... if you click on the thumbnails you'll get a pop-up w/ all the details. of course now i just want to make more!! i think i am finally going to sneak into the studio by the end of next week - once classes are done (oy the grading! so much to do!) and although i do have to prep for the next round of classes i think i can squirrel a few days away! WHOLE DAYS!!

well, i've already received a few rejects from the first round of proposals... sting. ouch (but i wasn't really expecting anything so it's not too bad. really. i am growing tougher skin.) time to just turn those around and send out some more!! the more the merrier - the more the possible - the more the more! (i was telling the countess that i lost my head - my body has been running around with no one to direct it. the whole chicken running analogy. at least that's how i feel.... chug chug chug.... i hope my head isn't saying or doing anything embarrassing while it's out there on its own. if you find it - there's a small reward. maybe it's off traveling and doing all the things that i don't have time to do. it better come back rested and ready to work).

1974_AlamedaGranTorino.jpg Originally uploaded by dressform.

so while i ran around SF the other day i popped in to see the Bechtle show at SFMOMA um WOW. i am not a huge fan of photorealism per se - and while i have always respected Bechtle's work i wasn't a real fan. the show has changed all that. for sure. seeing room after room and decade after decade of his work was just mind blowing. slight shifts in palettes and techniques that match the decade in which they were painted (there were chairs that were just SO 70's painted in the 70's of course - these paintings could be used by historians eons from now to point out how big sunglasses were the rage in 77 and what a 1966 cadilac looked like). what was most fascinating to me though, was that it wasn't really the hyper-realism that was so impressive (although of course it was). it was that the light in them was dumbfounding. that the colors and situations were so "frozen", too real.... that they were vibrating and humming and glowing - almost like film - or like slides (old ones - super saturated) - which could be beacuse he uses slides to help him paint them?? my eyes started to water and get blurry if i looked at them for too long.... and then there were the little water color studies and the charcoal drawings. sweet, intimate, gorgeous touch.... and places i recognized - like 40th and West in Oakland - that is RIGHT down the street from me - i KNOW that tree.... sigh..... inspiring yes. bought the catalogue. good for my students! ;) all for now.... i'm going to eat a yummy slice of zucchini, sweet onion, tomato pesto pizza before i pack up for school


wendy said…
I looked around your new portfolio and I love the target pieces. Beautiful and sad. The watercolor animals and the rifle target with the flowers. I love that your pieces make people think.
(I love your new little robot, and the painting you traded was beautiful.)
Good luck with the end of classes and new classes to boat. Just keep sending the proposals out. You work speaks volumes.
tania said…
i like the whole, send it out again, send out more, theme! i gotta get back in that!
and i love that pot holder book from hillary! lucky duck!

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