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so quickly wandering thru urban outfitters yesterday (don't ask why i was there....) i spied this little section of "art".... silkcreened images on fabric stretched around regular stretcher bars.... the imagery was quick - striking! my immediate reaction - warhol has finally reached every nook and cranny imaginable! part of me is excited - art for everyone! at $34 you too can have something a bit more interesting than a poster but not as high brow or expensive as a "real" piece of art.... but part of me wonders what we constitute as art and what makes up decoration. cute and stylish things are good and art can be cute and stylish, but no one can expect an artist to sell something unique in that size for $34.... or can they? or should we? or? or? or?? nonetheless - they make some nice eye candy.... see them here

i have FINALLY gotten around to expanding the design section of my website (uh no - the pro one is not done yet, but.... baby steps). you can now see some more invites, etc. from my design page!

oh! i just did this (it's pretty cool - and i found it via rosa's blog)

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wendy said…
I love all the invites!! Really beautiful.
Urban - umpf?
I think you are not just paying for some cute art (even if it is cute art), I think it is also that you are paying for the creation of it. The idea that came out of your head! Your creativity.
I don't know though, that is a good question.

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