beauty in chaos

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the above is by Maura Bendett who is having a show w/ Roberts & Tilton in Los Angeles - somehow i am on their email list and received this in my inbox.... countess there's something that reminds me of you! i'm not sure what these are REALLY like since i haven't stood in front of them - but they are intriguing nonetheless....what i also know is that press releases pretty much suck: "There is chaos even in that which is beautiful, and the tension between such obvious beauty in form, coupled with the artist’s own obsessiveness with an exacting sort of order, gives these works their power" - um yeah - this may be true and all, but somehow that ends up sounding like pretentious art crap. what is funny is that i actually relate to those ideas - deeply - but that sentence just grates. maybe I'M the snob??

post bath sleepyness

yesterday was a relaxation day! well - post my studio visit.... which went REALLY well (thanks for asking!). the little dogwood target has found a new home (and i was not willing to give that one up to just anyone!) and i think there is potentially a future relationship with this person. i had a good feeling from her - trustworthy - and dedicated, straightforward, and interested. she asked questions that meant something and really paid attention to the answers. even as i hated having the words: i really believe that most of my work has to do with the notion of hybridization come out of my mouth i knew that she got it - that it didn't seem like complete sillyness and that it actually did help her understand some of the choices i am making in my work. so i will stop now for fear of jinxing the situation, but hopefully there will be more of my interaction with this woman to report at a later date!

so after the studio visit and some dog baths ;) we all sat around and watched some movies.... eternal sunshine was the highlight (it's really good the second time around - you see all the small hints that you missed the first time)... we were tired....

from being out late friday night - my sweetT won tickets on kalx (uc berkeley's radio - and really a great station that plays everything) to go see zolar x. they were a band in the 70's in la - predating glam rock - that swore they were from outer space and sung rockin' space songs. they were really cool! they had pointy hair wigs and still rocked - and the best part was that their entire families were there in support! at one point an elderly grandma looking woman came up to the front row to smile and dance around and the guitar player winked at her! priceless! i hope that if/when i make it to 60 i can still participate in the things that i have loved my whole life - be it live music or picking ripe tomatoes, making art, or whatever other habits i may pick up along the way!


wendy said…
That is a really lucky lady getting the dogwood target! I am so glad that you are getting so much support for Abby! Thanks for some NYC things to do!!

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