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nausea (uh-huh, this came up in flickr....). why do i forget this?? part of me really likes using public transportation - better for the environment, the pocket book, etc. part of me hates it! everyone crowded - (i believe it is now mandatory to have an ipod now??) potentially sticky seats, and the motion sickness!!! i know i'll get used to it and that eventually i will be able to knit or read or something but ick.... i was so green today - leapt off and was happy to breath carbon monoxide filled air - anything was better than the bus!

i should be in bed. i have dealt all day today (in between a meeting and teaching) with the frenzy that is daily candy... if you missed abby's debut
here it is!
it's been great, amazing - who knew someone in wisconsin or maine might want to carry our T's??? paypal shopping cart = bad for limited inventory! but who am i kidding? it's such a thrill to be wanted so much!!! i am once again humbled and in awe of the power of this darn internet! there should be a daily candy for ART and ARTISTS! wouldn't that be grand?? something that causes that much commotion and generates sales of work.... hmmmmmmmm scheming scheming...

and before i sign off and attempt to shut off my brain (good questions from students today too). i just noticed this wasp hovering in my laundry room and thought.... it seems as though we like to encourage each other (and living things in general) to "go to the light".... it's supposed to be warm and comforting and may even imply heavenly bliss?? but what of bugs to our man-made lights... moth to flame.... or those horrid bug zappers.... i don't know why but the oddity of this duality struck a chord. if you think that the light is something good is there no pain as you crash into it? what if it takes more than one try to "get it right"? bliss after repeated failings? i know i know - no right answer - all the fun lives in the riddle? a tad morbid?? well riddle me this mr riddler fiddler fo fum.


wendy said…
Yeah Yeah about Daily Candy and selling out fast!
maria said…
first, LOVE the items on abby. LOVE LOVE!
so i saw you on daily candy {although knew about you long before, mentioned you on my blog and have been lurking around your blog for a while} and felt suddenly nervous about your selling out of the tote bags without my getting one. i want one so bad but don't have extra cash at this time... sad me. at any rate i will hope that you continue to carry them!! :) so i just wanted to post and say congrats on the daily candy gig and also that i listed you as one of my "daily hot spots" on the link area on my blog this week. loving your blog & your work! take care, mav

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