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nina draws carla Originally uploaded by dressform.

if there was ANY doubt that the kids at the CCA camp couldn't draw.... look at this!!! with blue shoes!!! oh my!!! (ok, i get a bit excited with student work). i put their show up on my teaching page

bright and shiny faces today at UCB... i love summer school - other than the fact that it is gruelling - all these dedicated students.... really wanting to paint - i've got a high schooler (like last summer!) and an older woman who wants to have some fun and learn to paint (can i teach that?) this summer... it's great! I'm really excited about this class... It had a good vibe!

and! i got this amazing email last week... aparently abby is going to be featured on - see me breath deeply here - daily candy !!! the san francisco one. they say tomorrow.... pitter patter pitter patter.... I'm purty darn excited!

oh the studio you ask??? i did stop there this AM - i have to re-frame all the pieces i showed for stuff n' things - they all need spacers so that the work isn't butting up against the glass - and thanks to frame tek it will be so (star trek?). hopefully in time for my studio visit on Sat.... uh yeah, a bit nervous about that. cross those fingers and toes... and countess.... i am SO close to being done on your piece.... i worked on it last night (smiling the whole time - just wait till you see the goggles). It will be nice to send it off to you!


wendy said…
Really awesome about Daily Candy. I know the hipster girls that want to be one of a kind will love your shirts and bags! (just checked and I got the email from Daily Candy) You are the coolest.
Anonymous said…
many of these drwings are simply INCREDIBLE.....how wonderful and satisfying FOR YOU to be a part of their development as expressive human beings!!

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