i'm in the hole!

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i have to get on my trade to tania ... especially because just look at the haul that i got! ;) deer tote, postcards, buttons, a plane necklace (how appropriate for me, huh??), magnets, cool paper!!! i think this mail package was the only thing that was making me smile yesterday.... well, that and the fact that i was squirreled away in the studio. but i was so so tired & borderline grouchy yesterday.

i started a pink dogwood target - FULL SIZE! a little daunting. composing is easier on a smaller scale - i think i need more flowers on it - but i couldn't figure out where - i had a brain freeze. i did also start 3 more animals - a tiger, a whale and rhino..... so it was overall a productive day... but the whole time i had this nagging feeling. i so wanted to be there and get things done but i knew that it wasn't going to be one of those stellar studio days - simply too exhausted. so i was irritated with that fact which only makes the whole studio flow go worse! catch 22 - hello rock on my left and rock on my right! i am conceptually attempting to remove myself from the hard places that you personify, but alas..... can someone push the reset button???

on the very cool that this now exists front - there is a new vintage fabric group on flickr! thanks to the amazingly wonderful and resourceful hillary and kim . and you probably already know about it, unless you were hiding under a rock yesterday or aren't tuned in to the crafty tentacly ( two trees - i'm trying!!) thing on the web... of course this made me realize that although i covet vintage fabrics it has not become one of my obsessions where i collect it with no purpose. most of my vintage fabrics are actually in the clothes that i have collected.... maybe i should start photographing those! how did i not manage to collect pile and piles of fabric you ask? perhaps because the piles and piles of dressmaking patterns, embroidery hoops and even thread (purchased on ebay the other day - my favorite guterman brand)

guterman thread 2

have gotten in the way?? oh i have fabric, oh yes i do! but it's not all vintage. fun tidbit factoid for the day!


wendy said…
Prizes are good. You got a good haul. (I have to start doing some trades)
I can't wait to see the new larger targets. Whenever I see them I get distracted by their beauty and then they become even more beautiful with their message. The power and destruction, or rather human power and destruation being turned into thought and art. The power in looking at something another way. You do that beautifully in all of your work. Thank you.
Kim said…
Guterman thread saved my quilting career (such that it is). I had so much trouble with my first quilts, and I thought it was the machine or me that was the problem. But it wasn't -- it was Coats & Clark's fault.
tania said…
so glad you like it!

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