mermaid pushups

mermaid pushups Originally uploaded by dressform.

i wish i had their stamina. (yes i have sunk to the low of envying plastic drink accessories)

man. i am bushwhacked tired. it is just a fact. this weekend, although really fun, was not restful. sat. night i went to juice to hopefully meet kelly whose work i really am digging and who generously offered to put abby gear on her store site little paper planes ... (this is happening in the next few weeks) AND i missed her - she was running late, i couldn't stay....ahhhh why why?? i left her a dorky note... but the drawings... they really are lovely lovely - delicate and sweet, but not too (sweet that is).... hopefully i'll catch her next time (i am going to LA soon... hmmm... maybe i can rondez vous with her there??)

sun. was spent poolside at E & C's casa. caught up with some good friends, ate like a queen

laughed until my cheeks hurt.... even missed 6 feet under....(more pics? here )

it was HARD to get on that bus to go to class today, though.... i feel like i need something?? a habit... a cure... a kick in the pants... a small dream... a big scheme... a reality check... a stiff drink?? if you are offering i might be taking. try me.


Anonymous said…
The mermaids look very lovely. A great dinner along with a good visit await you in LA!!
wendy said…
ahhaah you had cupcakes. you need more prizes! small little things to help get you to class, get on the bus. even if it is something you are already planning to get yourself...(I already knew I was going to read harry potter, but I couldn't start until I went running). PRIZES. I don't think you give yourself enough prizes!

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