baby steps

small pink target Originally uploaded by dressform.

i almost feel like i have been walking around holding my breath. yes, i am becoming a diver. but instead of diving into the ocean i am diving into my own life. i have to train my lungs to hold the maximum capacity.

drum roll please... i have made it back into the studio! hooray! above is a little warm-up something something (that i think is going to go off to live with someone as a gift!) i have been thinking more about not just cozy-ing the targets put partially covering them. this gets tricky because i don't want to obliterate the entire target and so... the above is my attempt.

i am also catching up on things that have to out in the post... there's a certain someone in canada whose envelope is finally going to make it to them! i'm making lists and checking them twice... i am resigned to the fact that sometimes it's a 2:1 ratio - cross one off, add two - but oh well. that's why i'm learning how to hold my breath for longer. maybe i should be focusing on balance. (a long long time ago i could do a cartwheel on a balance beam... without cracking my head open.... maybe that's the skill i should regain)

i was in san francisco for a meeting and had a moment to look around at some art. by far my favorite things were at the rena bransten gallery . a ron nagle show:

Ron Nagle

ron was a teacher of mine (in fact i worked on some pieces for his last show). they are impeccably crafted and so loaded with simple color shifts. he always manages to create ceramics outside of "just" the pottery world (simultaneously riffing on it and laughing with it). throw in a lot of car culture, japanese aesthetic and humor (his titles are always hysterical) and you have these little almost vessels that pulse and glow. it is always a treat to see a set of his pieces together.

also at the gallery is an amazing group show called take shape. it is a gem. ALL the work is interesting for different reasons....

Take Shape

go and see if you are around the city by the bay.....


wendy said…
Nice I am glad to see you diving into the studio!!!! Diving into life.
I am so excited for you! Can't wait to see what bubbles up.
maria said…
good to hear you're back in the studio! that target is sooooo cool! my motivation has hit an all time low ... i hope to read more about you & your list making and art making and get some energy there... looking forward to it! mav
joy madison said…
I love your cozied up things. Its such a great concept! How exciting! Creating again!
andrea said…
just really loving the work you're doing with the vintage targets. and just getting yourself back in the studio is half the battle, eh?

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