bonanza of goodness

bonanza from abby Originally uploaded by dressform.

abby sent me this box o' goodness. do you see everything in there? lovely tea, handmade cards, buttons, amazing giganticus post-it notes, rick rac, ribbon, fabric, embroidery thread.... sigh... i'm super duper touched by this:

pin cushion from abby

did she KNOW that i had a vintage red vinyl sewing case that would match perfectly?? she must have!

thanks abby... i hope you like your stuff as much as i like mine!

i will have to post the drawing a day pics tomorrow - the light is horrid right now and they came out crappy - so i'll reshoot with better light.

i am also wracking my brain. i have to make a CD of images... which do i pick, which do i not... i can't put every single thing i ever made on there.... ACK! you'd think i'd just use the ones that i've already prepped for proposals. but now there is NEW stuff. i have that artist disease. the one where you think what you've made MOST recently is just better than what you made months ago. it's a sickness. really.

did i tell you that the other morning i woke up singing "t-i-m-e is on my side, yes it is". i can't decide if i was A. fooling myself B. wishfully thinking [or singing as the case may be] C. attempting to have a positive attitude in order to institute change D. hoping that repitition makes truth. at least i had slept enough that morning. i'm such a time slut. i can never have enough. especially when i start getting some time in the studio. what?!?! i have to answer emails and take care of the things that i promised i would?? but i want to just stay holed up in my world... teeter totter pitter patter. so it goes, huh?


wendy said…
Maybe for right now just include one or two of the new images.

I wonder if your need for more sleep when you get to the studio has anything to do with recharging your unconcious to refresh your creating? Any way its good to get more sleep and to be making new things!!
joy madison said…
hilarious!!! the delusions we hold as truth:)
andrea said…
that's some fun loot you got there! I'm green with envy...

sometimes singing a little song like that first thing in the a.m. makes all the difference in the world. I know it seems silly but it's true. ha, you've got me humming it now. maybe it will work for me, too... maybe we just need to 'woo' time a little.

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