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Val Britton
Val Britton Originally uploaded by dressform.
so... thanks to a very mysterious commenter [who are you? where did you come from... you have kept your profile secret... i only know your name - or do i??] i have been introduced to the work of Val Britton... there are several that i think are really really lovely and a few that contain imagery that is quite near and dear to me right now....

thanks to all for the incrediby kind words about the thread drawings... i am completely overwhelmed... we'll see what happens next... new color today! BTW i've started a new Flicrk set for these so that you [ joy ] can see them individually if you are so inclined...


wendy said…
The Britton work is great. I like the muted and monotone color palette.
The thread drawings are great. Sketching without intent. Without it needing to get somewhere! I love them, and the idea behind them.

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