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OK - one last bit of art goodness... the last big show that i saw in LA (i did see some stuff at galleries too, but i won't go into that... and i did see some agnes martin {one of my all time heroes} in a group show, but i've posted about her before... so....) Jean Michel Basquiat at MOCA. yes, it's the artist that they made the movie about (so you know the story... grafitti artist turned big time art star... died young... heroin... friends with andy warhol and the big painters of the 80's david salle and julian schnabel). i thought that i had seen a lot of his work (it is kind of all over - and he was incredibly prolific so there's TONS out there), but it was incredibly powerful to see room after room of these gigantic incredibly charged pieces. they picked really strong pieces for the show (yup, i got the catalogue), and they hung the show really well. like things together - not just in chronological order.

they are so raw. racism, classism, history.... all in your face. powerful and fast strokes and bold bold colors. they made my mom shiver.... as they should. the above is a rather tame one... but so clear... want to see more ? like the kilgallen show, i was struck with how completely influential he was as an artist. how he busted down the door, really, for "street art" (ok along with keith herring - and i think they were friends too)... how he made difficult subjects fashionable (of course the irony of this situation is a bit of a pill to swallow, but.... sometimes medicine is good for you)

onto things that are more uniquely blog like... i've been TAGGED (yikes! first time ever!) by kim OK, it's kind of like a chain letter, but... in reading what other folks have disclosed, i've been charmed... so.... 5 idiosyncrasies that are mine to claim:

1. i can't sleep if i'm totally nude. i can go topless, but i need something on the bottom. i have no idea why this is the case... but it's fact
2. when i eat something that i'm really enjoying i try to save the most savory part of it for last... this means if i'm eating an apple danish i eat it in circles. round and round to that the middle bite with the most apple goodness...
3. i don't like to walk around with one shoe on and one off - when i was a kid someone said that it was bad luck to do this and it sunk in... (this also applies to socks, but i'm a bit more lenient in that case)
4. i color code our "dog towels" in the laundry room. all of the like colors have to be stacked together... or else
5. my favorite place to read the sunday new york times magazine is the bathtub. i wish i was smart enough to schedule this in! it makes for a very nice leisurely bath... plus i learn something while i'm soaking....(multi-tasking at it's best!)

i'm supposed to tag 5 of you now... i gently (meaning no pressure!) tag the following fabulous 5:

1. i have just "met" you on flickr, but am enjoying your photos immensely and just found your blog... anke

2. this blog would practically go commentless with out you... my east coast pal who desperately needs some pom poms.... wendy

3. a completely amazing crafter and organizer of amazing lists of goodness... craftlog

4. subtle and sweet and my co-conspirator in the spread of all things tentacly.... two trees

5. last, but certainly not least, the amazingly charming, talented, fun to read, and new to the blog world... tara

have fun ladies... looking forward to your lists (or not!)


joy madison said…
I'm with you on the nude just feels weird not to have one or the other on.
wendy said…
Such a weekend of art, how long were you down in la? I kick myself every time I see an old poster because I didn't go see Basquiat when his show was in Brooklyn. Arg - silly girl!
How do you think seeing other's art influences yours? (I find as I look back different shows I have seen have sort of bounced around in my head and are showing up in my new work.) It begins to nudge me in a new direction...
andrea said…
well, first kilgallen and now basquiat. you're killing me here! is this the HUGE retrospective that was just recently at the brooklyn museum? I am a long-time lover of basquiat (and share this love with my husband, who is also a graff writer/painter/animator). we looked into trying to make that show in brooklyn but it was just going to be too crazy (what with our two bambinos). luckily, I have had the privilege of seeing his work more than a couple of times. about five years ago, we were in italy (venice) and stumbled upon an exhibit of his. such a happy, happy accident... we were so caught off guard. and yes, it is visceral, powerful work. there's a sort of vernacular that jumps out. pieces that are at once exhausting and invigorating... I bet the amount of work that you took in at the retrospective was overwhelming (to say the least). thanks again for sharing your thoughts here on the exhibit. it has been so refreshing to read someone else's thoughts on the work of two artists I truly love.
Anke said…
Ha!!!!!!!!!! I can so relate to the first two idiosyncracies! I do that too - did you ever have anybody snatch up the best piece you saved for last from your plate because they thought you wouldn't want to eat it anymore?!??? :)))
Thanks for tagging me, I had alot of fun!
natalie said…
hello, just discovered your blog *waves*

love the list - i am the same with number 1!
tarago said…
thanks for the tag!

yep. 1,2, and 5...except it's not the ny times, it's comic books, free weeklies, or some sort of trashy british music mag that my sweetie leaves laying around...

it's both a pity and a shame when you drop what you're reading in the tub though...

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