naked mole rats unite

naked mole rat Originally uploaded by dressform.

oh my god - you don't have to rub your eyes, i AM actually posting two times in one day! why you ask?? very very good question.... the answer....

i spoke to the lovely and charming and giggly supportive countess today about my word dodge-ball game (she just got through playing a wicked round not too long ago). she came to the conclusion (and i wholeheartedly agree) that those that play in a mean and hurtful manner are actually just naked mole rats (pictured above) who we should really just feel sorry for... they do have those mean teeth and so we have to take care not to be bitten, but really, how can you not feel sorry for the small, blind, practically pathetic creature??

i am not really quite ready to forgive or feel sorry for my particular mole rat pal... but i'm getting there. at least i sure laughed a lot! and ultimately i am glad. i now know what and who i am really dealing with. who knew reality was so open to interpretation? the truth... it is my friend. even if it comes wrapped up in barbed wire occasionally. it is OK... i'll still open it up. wounds heal.


joy madison said…
:) just keep thinking about them like'll come around:)
wendy said…
I love this theory. The countess is marvelous.
Thinking good thoughts of you over here!!

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