self portrait tuesday - #3

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i don't really have too much to say about this series of photos... i just like how they happened to look like i was "appearing"... and how the light in the window is blinding, but takes up different amounts of space compositionally (this is what happens when you can't "see" what you are taking!)

Margaret Kilgallen

LA art part II ~ Margaret Kilgallen

this show of the Bay Area artist that met her maker too soon (breast cancer) was at the red cat down town in the new and very very shiney and architecturally well to-do walt disney concert hall building.

i have always really responded to kilgallen's work. she and her husband barry mcgee are definitely the mother and father of the mission school movement... of which there seems to be HUNDREDS if not thousands of imitators, copy cats and die hard fans. i had never been fortunate enough to see an entire installation of work of hers... and even though i am kind of tired of seeing really flat and sweet folky work i wasn't at all bored with what i saw. it's like you can feel that this is the point of origin. that she was really doing "her own thing" - as hokey as that sounds. the simplicity of shapes and consistancy of her palette just makes for a really comforting environment. i also really loved the hand done sign lettering.... it was funny as i walked around i couldn't help but think about how this is now "the look" in current graphic design and typography.... art meets advertising once again. i am sad that we will not be treated to many more years of her work.... but then maybe we just cherish what we have even more.... (i got the catalogue too - THANKS mom!! - it is super sweet - pink linen with red on the cover... sigh....)


maria said…
oooh, i like this series too. i have mentioned this a few other times but lately i'm so into series! i wish my camera had that setting where you can take images one after another... or maybe it does. hmmmm. thanks for the art talk as well. good stuff! :) mav
joy madison said…
I finally found your blog. You are way too much of a "real" artist for me to even understand half the stuff you are talking about, BUT I'm glad I found you!
wendy said…
Sounds like you had such a great weekend of family and art. Good combo.
tania said…
i just read about her in giant robot. so sad how young she died... her stuff is neat, it would be cool to see it "live"
andrea said…
I'm such a fan of margaret kilgallen's work but have only seen it from afar (on the pages of various publications). oh how I would love to see it in exhibition form. the hand-painted lettering stylings, the color and scale of the pieces... would love to see it up close and personal. enjoyed reading about it here, though. I feel all funny inside every time I run across something on her work, I guess because she's gone now. we are (were) roughly the same age and I guess it just reminds me of my own mortality.

I would LOVE to get my hands on the catalog... I will have to check out the sites you listed to see if I can make that happen.

anyway, new to your blog and digging it already.
natalie said…
Thanks for the Kilgallen link...

New to her work and love it

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