self portrait tuesday - #5

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i just got a haircut. it's quite liberating! no more pigtails or hair falling into my face while working.... lucky moi!

i watched big fish last night.

big fish

no need to point out i'm behind the times in movies. i always am. i can never quite make it to the theater [unless i am going with family or am vacationing some where]. i know that seeing movies on my little 15" TV isn't doing them justice, but oh well...

it's a really great movie [duh! tim burton]. the visuals are really striking ... i especially loved the scenes of the town of spector both in it's hey day and post-glory. those shoes hanging from a wire are now imprinted in my brain. i also couldn't help but relate the dad in the movie to my grandpa - teller of tall tales too [although not quite elaborate!]. and the ending was really touching [yes it requires a hanky. at least for me]

OK, i actually have to get some work done now - eek!


maria said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE big fish... love as well the haircut and the photo of you... very sweet! :)
abbytrysagain said…
Yay for haircuts. They always give me so much confidence, I'm not sure why-anyway- you look great! I am also very behind as far as the cinema is concerned but you must see Charlie and the Chocolate factory in the Theater. I don't care what anyone says-the "boring parts" (ie the parts not in the factory) are truly visually stunning. It is only one of two movies I've seen in Portland-and was totally worth it. Thanks for the tips about the mix tape flickr art-so cool ;). Sorry to leave a gigantic comment-ih well. Your package is in the mail tommorrow-abby
wendy said…
love your hair cut. You eyes looking up. your photo makes me smile!
Big Fish has great imagery. The colors seem to be hightened and I love the stories.
two trees said…
for me, hankies required=3.
ladylinoleum said…
Nice do Lisa! I wore my hair that short for years and I totally miss not having to do anything to it.

Love Big Fish!
andrea said…
supah dupah cute hair.... I'm having the urge to get my hair cut now.

love the SPT... such a fun one.
kath red said…
love the hair cut and your eyes.

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