vacation's all i ever wanted

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i'm supposedly on one! at least i'm between teaching gigs.... i do still have some graphic design clients to attend to.... oy... and i need a haircut, and i should go to the dentist...

i just don't feel like doing anything. except for maybe going to the studio. and even with that - i feel so rusty... out of art shape! i want to shed myself of all duties and responsibilities. is this possible?? would i even really know how to do that? what if i just tilted my proverbial overfilled plate 90 degrees and let the food fall as it may.... (dogs would enjoy this - if it was real food that is) what exactly do i want to be doing and am i doing it? at least part of the time?? who exactly do i care about and am i seeing them? these are the important questions really....

i did happily start my drawing a day thing today. (boy does that ever need a catchy title). i let the paper inspire me completely. it was kind of fun... breezy... i'm thinking i'll take a picture of one week's worth at the end of my "work week" and post then... so stay tuned if you want to still see if i can make stuff (i'm wondering this too)

i did make the above flowers... they are inspired by a felt flower in one of those oh too cute japanese craft books... here's the book on yes asia (also here ). of course there's this amazing crafter on flickr that made a perfect version. check it out . in fact you should just look at all of candlemomo's photos.... i wanted to try making it w/ ribbon instead of felt - and i was too lazy to copy the leaf out - so i hand drew mine (hence each one is slightly different). it was fun though... even if they look more like weird pompoms than flowers... and 2 are gifts! yay for handmade gifts! (yes one is for me... is that so wrong?)

and one more thing...

pine tree cards

i made these. i drew the trees for an invitation i did not too long ago... i liked them - had some extra scallop cards lying around and so printed them up. should want some in your own paws... you can have them (fancy that!). they are in my shop . (which i luckily just checked - uh yeah - thought i loaded those pages up, but no... man... i'm supposed to know what i'm doing! they ARE up now... phew!) if anyone wants to swap some of their hand crafty crafts for these... email me - i'm game!


wendy said…
I am not worried about your ability to make stuff, even if you are!!
Prizes are key for happiness.
Also I know you are super busy, but take a little time for yourself!! Even if it is just for a couple of hours. Watch a movie you've wanted to see, or just sit in the park with no agenda.
Your plate will still be full when you comeback and your batteries might get a little charge to keep you going full force for awhile!
maria said…
i second what sweet wendy is saying here entirely!! take at least a few hours each day for yourself in your "down" time.
enjoy enjoy! mav
abbytrysagain said…
I love your stationary-so cute.

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