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so.... where oh where to start? i mean - really - i saw 3 amazing museums in ONE DAY while i was there! if i blogged about them all together you all might suffer from eye strain.... so i'll try and just tell you things little by little. it will be a NY week re-cap! especially since all i have to do now at home is catch up and make sure i get all the things on my list checked off.... not much to blog about there! although i will say... man, is it nice to come home... to happy pets... to a non-empty bed... to all my kookey stuff....

in general things you should know:
:: it was hot! over 85 almost every day. really fun at night when you didn't need a jacket and could eat at restaurants with gardens!
:: it was humid! not as bad as during the middle of august but... there was plenty of sweating.... thanks to some hurricane off the coast [made for good surfing apparently!]
:: i walked so much that my calves are now like 3 times as big as they were
:: every night i would take off my shoes and go ick! my feet would be swollen and ITCHY [i think this is my least favorite thing about new york]

so... first... the new moma. the $20 a ticket moma. the moma that made you feel a little like you were visiting a theme park. why? because of the scale of everything [massive!] because of the organization [everything neatly categorized into areas of specialty... prints, new media, architecture...] and finally because i think i heard more languages other than english being spoken than in any place i've been - ever! AND there was all the picture taking. left and right and left and right [you can see all MY shots [if you can't beat em, join em] here with my own little commentary for each.]

what did i love? i still love this [one of the most stunning eve hesse pieces of all time]:

and this is one of my favorite rothko's EVER:

i also completely loved this piece by janet cardiff . it was 40 speakers in a room - each singing a different part. they were set up in an oval. you could walk around and get confused at to where the sound was coming from.... you could close your eyes and think you were in a church. oh right! you are. in a church of ART. notice the speakers are around head height... she's a smart cookie that woman!

then there was the turrell piece [sorry no photo - impossible]. he just blows my mind.... after walking thru a dark and narrow hallway w/ a strip of silver along the wall to help you "see" your way. you are in this red inflamed space. it's like the temperature is different. you can't see until your eyes adjust. once they do you have NO BEARING. no idea how big the room is - no idea how many people are actually standing next to you... you hear murmering... you have to put a hand out to move so that you don't fall or bump into someone at full speed. as you try and focus you see different depths of red... it was like glimpsing some secret world....

as if that wasn't enough... there was the mark lombardi the joseph cornell .... drum roll please.... and the NEW ARTIST that i have NEVER heard of before and am now coveting and researching and... and... and....


rivane neuenschwander yikes are these cool or what? comics with everything blocked out but the bubbles? [no text in those either]. all formal and colorful and lovely... a whole wall of them... in a row.... oh my heart skipped a beat. my fingers danced their crazy dance! so far from what i've seen of other work she is all over the map in terms of art - photos.... sculptures....etc. everything has this really nice conceptual twist though. a girl after my own heart!

this was pretty nice too... they were setting up a new show on the 6th floor. painted colored crates... even what art lives in is artistic...

are you still with me?? NY SPT and more art tomorrow.... same bat channel. same bat time!


andrea said…
oh, lisa. this is FABULOUS. (just what I needed, too). thank you ever so much for the virtual tour. sounds like you really made the most of your time there (good for you!)... so much art to comment on here, my head is swimming... what sticks out to me, though is the room full of speakers (that sounds absolutely amazing) and I love the new artist... yes, the comic book pieces are wonderful. will have to check out more of her work...

thanks so much for sharing! (and now I must go check out your photos).
charlene said…
If I'd thought about it in time, I would have recommended going to MoMA on Fri eve. (if you were there on Fri) when it is Pay What You Wish. The Metropolitan Museum is always pay what you wish. I usually get the "cheap bastard special" when I go there: $1
wendy said…
I can't wait to see all that you did!!
All the art you absorbed.
This stuff is great.
I love those comic pieces. Amazing.
Anke said…
I don't know what o comment on first...what a fabulous trip! So far the room full of speakers (I love things that you have to discover before you understand what they mean) and the comics impressed me most - I have to go to museums more often. See - you are true inspiration! :)
joy madison said…
You got to go to MOMA without babies? AMAZING (for me not you:) It sounds so awesome!!!!

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