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what is it about sitting in airports?

the strange conglomorate of people all literally in-between places [this being a favorate phrase/state of mine "between states"]. everyone is coming or going. it is not a final destination point - i have never heard someone declare - i am going to the houston airport! it's my favorite! [although i was just talking to someone who loves traveling and loves airports.... hmmm... wave of the future - disneyland airports - coaster to your next gate]

black bags with ribbons to distinguish them from all the other black wheely bags that everyone else is also carrying. [hence the lust for this suitcase]. everyone has their travel routine :: aisle or window seat? :: shorts, jeans or suit? you can sit and start to bean count.... 1 2 3 samsonites.... 1 2 3 toddlers.... 1 2 3 balding guys in shorts... all the while listening to "static static static" [misfits on the ipod]... appropo!

i'm in the big city! i don't have much energy to blog... it's amazing thus far - plenty plenty of tales to tell! i have met the countess [who is more magnificent in person than i could have imagined!] tomorrow i meet green girl! i haven't had a sec to really check flickr or read blogs [i just checked my bloglines and i'm 78 behind!]. this is both wonderful and sad [it certainly proves i'm addicted to the internet!] yes - my feet hurt! it is hot here!

so just a tease for now... tall tales to come! [i have found a new artist to covet... saw some favorite paintings and sculptures... went back in time.... oh there's lots!]


wendy said…
That would be wild-themed airports. I guess if the country wasn't going with so much security that would be another path it could take. Maybe in an different reality?
I can't wait to hear about your time so far!
abbytrysagain said…
Yay Lisa-can't wait to hear your stories from NY!
maria said…
oh how good to hear from you! your airport notes are so TRUTHful. love it... i too am traveling and it just puts you in a different phase of thinking & moving through the days. enjoy it all! can't wait to hear more and who is this artist??? mav
andrea said…
man, can't wait to hear more... I will eat it all up as I am hungry for traveler's tales these days. talk about wanderlust... I am really seriously pining for a trip somewhere (preferably ny, but just about anywhere will do). looking forward to hearing about the new artist, too!

and I am one of those weird people who enjoys being at the airport (most of the time). I think it's because I don't fly very often and when I'm there it means I'm going somewhere, doing something different and I just love the way that feels...

by the way, I am in love with that pink suitcase!
Anke said…
Hi there! Glad to read you are enjoying yourself - can't wait to her yout travel stories!!! The airport report was already very entertaining. I love the atmosphere at airports...everybody rushing off somewhere, looking important and all the different nationalities!
I was coveting an awesome pink cherry blossom suitcase in London but I can't seem to find a picture online...darn...I think you would have liked it.
Can't wait to hear more - have fun!
joy madison said…
oooooooooh, NYC! wish I was there!

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