lotus chips=yum

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i got to see the lovely princess of the dessert, miss e, who has moved out here to go to school. she came to my studio [she's in curatoral studies]... and then we went to lunch... at a new asian tapas place that lives smack in the middle of the path from my home to the studio. they served us the above lotus chips which neither of us had tried before - on the house! they were so beautiful we had to photo them before they were devoured. it was lovely to chat with her about theory and her goals for getting art into the world and what it's like to be in school in a stimulating environment. they sure do get all the curatorial stars coming to talk to them! the list was astonishing!

drawing a day ~ week 8

this weeks drawings. i showed them to miss e... she's the first person to see them all together in one sitting in the flesh.... it was nice to have them looked at actually. i wasn't sure about that. this week i kind of meandered all over the place. i think they got a bit goofier. not quite as "clean" - although they still have plenty of white space.

i was thinking about process and change and that sort of stuff in the car the other night. i kept listening to song lyrics and feeling their poignancy to my immediate life. i am acutely aware that i am nearing my limit. i won't be able to sustain my life as is for too much longer. change is good. institute it! and then i thought - wow - it'd be nice to do drawings based on song lyrics. not a new idea, i know, but.... it could be like a game... like musical drawing [instead of chairs].... wanna play?

OH! if you are in the NY area, the richard levy gallery will have some of my work at the affordable art fair from Oct. 27-30. oh the king and queen of the dessert gallivanting around with the countess.... i am there in spirit if i am not there in actuality. hopefully they think and therefore i am....


wendy said…
Oh I am totally going to that show. I can't wait to see some of your work. I got to meet the countess (who is fabulous!) and she gave me some tickets.
I love seeing art come out of song lyrics. Which pieces are meaningful to you.
Have you taken any time for yourself lately? Tried to be quite and calm? You and the countess need to rest, maybe not rest but to BREATHE.
andrea said…
I'm just loving the yellow in the drawings... and I love the new idea of using songs to inspire drawings. I would love to see where that takes you!

p.s. the lotus chips look like art...!

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