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started by p2p ... i bring you chinaski [named so because charles bukowski's alter ego was hank chinaski - and this cat would drink red wine if he could]. aka chini, carahu [spelling? peruvian for "asshole"], cha-cha, mr.chini, pig-pen [because he barely ever cleans himself and comes in covered with motor oil. moe always licks his head clean for him], mo-fo [as in cool mo-fo].

we got chini as a TINY little kitten. he was dropped off by a cop at a vet hospital hubby used to work at. cop said he found him behind a chinese restaurant downtown. he was covered in ants and fleas. bad sign [if you are covered in ants you have a very low body temp - they think you are dead!]. hubby was going to euthanize him because that was the humane thing to do. got the drug. was holding the little guy in one palm... and he opened his eyes and started purring.... oh man! so he got washed under warm water - put in a cage with a bunch of blankets and a heating pad.... fed fake mama's milk and anything else he'd gulp down.

chini has this way about him. he is just a cool cool cat. he has the best purr ever. it's like a low rumbling motor. he'll start purring if you look at him and say his name. he'll roll around for you if you do that too! he LOVES being outside - he loves being the garden. he's our resident mouse/rat/bird catcher [once he had a whole pigeon. eewww!]

he has also used up a few of his 9 lives. a while back he didn't come in at night. frantic the next day i went looking for him and couldn't find him. i finally ended up going to the grocery store just to have something to do. as i put the groceries away i heard him screaming in utter pain. i opened the door - a neighbor had put him on our porch - had seen him dragging himself across the street toward home. he was badly badly injured.... one leg hanging by a thread.... stomach covered in maggots [eeewww!!]. a leg amputation and months of recovery later [we set up a kitty hospital on our dining room table] he was back meowing at the door to go outside. he let's garb sniff him up and down [he's incredibly patient with her - she is a rough sniffer. it takes a good minute before he swipes her nose]. he's best friends with our neighbor mr. major [who feeds him fried chicken]. we are so lucky to live on a cul-de-sac so that we can let him out w/out fear of reckless cars....

he and hubby are best buds. as he's aging he talks more and more... and he's got arthritis in his one good back leg... and he hates feet [if you touch him with your foot he'll bite it]. but he's definitely the coolest pet we have. by far. inately cool....

if you can believe it, we have ONE more pet for me to introduce you to - next week!

and OH! we went to see nagativland last night.... they are best are known for the casy casum/U2 song that they got sued for.... very smart. very funny.... performance art/radio/noise is the best description i can think of


wendy said…
I a so glad that you have shared all the stories with us! You have some amazing animals that are lucky to have you in their lives!
pat said…
each pet story confirms what warm, loving hearts you both have! how fortunate your "kids" are.
charlene said…
Awwww. I love the stories of cats' lives.

Negativland! cool!
andrea said…
oh my, what a heart-wrenching story! so glad you found each other, though... love to hear stories like this!
Leigh said…
I love reading all about your animals. They are so lucky to have you. I have a 3 legged cat too. Hugs to all your animals.
tara said… guys have a really special little animal kind of gives me faith in humanity:-)

and chinaski...what a cool cat! i've loved hearing all your animals stories!

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