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ever a sucker for tradition.... i bring you segment 3 of pet to blog day [started by the illustrious p2p ladies.

this is pachuco [yes like gangster].... aka pookie, choochky [it took me a minute to try and spell that], patuuuko, norman bates [huh? explanation shortly]. he was our very first pet.... a roommate [yes, hubby and i lived with roommates at one time.... oh thank goodness that was long ago] and i heard incessant meowing one evening. this in and of iteself was not too strange seeing that we lived next door to the twisted and aging three's company couple. it was one woman and two men who all lived in this house together. they looked to be about 70. they fed every single stray cat in a mile radius. and none of them were spayed or neutered - ever. this led to even more stray cats in the mile radius. and some of them were frightening! missing eyes, matted fur. if only i wasn't so young i would have tried to figure out a way to trap them - or get a kitty group involved. but i was in my second year of college [?] stressed out and didn't know what to do! we actually tried to talk to them about it once and they looked at us like we were from another planet. if you tried to wave and be friendly they would turn their back on you and pretend they didn't see you. back to the meowing... it was kittens, we could tell... where were they?? we hunted and hunted and hunted.... flashlights were involved.... finally we found 3 little ones trapped between our garage and their fence in a space that was maybe a foot wide.... maybe. room mate reached in with his long arm to try and grab them... two got super spooked and got magic powers and were able to climb back over the wall into land of the lost kitties. hissing the entire time - he ended up grabbing pookie.

i give you all the back story because we honestly think pookie is a bit inbred. he's a BEAUTIFUL looking cat... he has large eyes and is perfectly svelt.... but he is a bit off. even though he has lived with dogs for eons he insists that he's never seen one before. in fact he has peed on dog beds to show his hatred of them [we now spray them with kitty pharamones... did you know those existed? it's working!] he tends to over-react a bit when he gets spooked.... meaning he'll launch off of you with claws extended [i once had to physically remove him from my arm - from which he was hanging - by one claw. ouch.] he should probably be living with a little old lady who gives him saucers of milk. on the other hand.... he gets REALLY sweet and lovey at night. he likes to climb right on your chest. and purr.... but his purr isn't "normal" either.... it's like he's having an asthma attack.... it's kind of cute.... thank goodness our house is big enough. he loves sitting on this red desk in hubby's room. he has the sun and the window all to himself. no dogs... he sits in that window most of the day [hence the norman bates].... if you drive by the back of our house you can spot him!

opened up goodness!

its a p2p kind of day.... mav sent me the above.... l@@k my name letterpressed in wood type!! cute huh???? and her polaroids are so great! and the postcard is lovely, and those russian dolls!?!? edit: i'm a dum dum it's the russian dolls that were made by nebo... who sent them to mav, who sent it to me... and apparently it was her last one - so i am the lucky lucky duck! nebo - you are amazing! i can't wait for our trade!! [i'm working on it!] and that chocolate is AMAZING.... it actually has salt in it - so you get the salty sweet craving taken care of w/out the potato chips..... sigh....i came home from teaching tired and not wanting to do the grading i had to do - and there was her package - waiting to greet me! thank you thank you thank you!


wendy c said…
I love your storytelling ability. Pachuco's is awesome. As are all the stories of the pets who live at your house. (those nieghbors sound crazy!)

Oh and a mav package. It looks lovely. What great cards!! With your name and everything!
Anonymous said…
I think if he lived with a little old lady the view of him in the window would be in silhouette holding a butcher knife. It's better he lives with you.

So glad Mav's package arrived so serendipitously!

--Lisa (eots)
natalie said…
Lisa, I made the russian doll card not the postcard (sorry for the confusion, I should have mentioned on flickr)

Pookie's story is amazing, I love his Norman Bates nickname too...I wonder what became of the kittens that got away...

and Mav's parcel (she is a generous soul) - what a wonderful thing to come home to!

PS thanks for the stas orslovski photo on flickr
mav said…
i have to share the nebo love since i know you and i are like her BIGGEST fans... she had sent those cards to me, as i said, and i felt one calling your name.

great pet pic today.
enjoy the package.
i feel all people should have cards with their name or initial. not sure why ... maybe it's an old fashioned thing.
xo, mav
andrea said…
choochky... I have a new favorite word to go around saying over and over. choochky. I love it... CHOOCHKY. and what an amazing rescue story.

wow, love the cards with your name pressed with wood type. I love wood type.
joy madison said…
what a cutie! I have a love hate relationship with pets! I think we'll have them again (we've had both dogs and cats before) I love reading of others pets especially weird norman batesy type ones;)
jenny vorwaller said…
lovely, lovely lovely!! what a fun package--and doesnt it always seem like those come to rescue you from a long day?
laura r. said…
lisa...thank you for the post on my blog.
you are a very dedicated, disciplined person. i appreciate that so much.
i enjoy your blog & work mucho.

tail of the yak is my favorite store in the whole world. i love it so much...i took my so. cal. mom there & she loved it too.

tara said…
lovely wood type cards! what a great surprise to get in the mail...isn't the mail just about better than anything else?

and i'm glad to finally learn little pookie's name:-) what a great rescue story!

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