drawing a day ~ week 11

drawing a day ~ week 11 Originally uploaded by dressform.

i can't believe i managed to get this up still on monday [barely - i've got 22 minutes to type!].

spent more time painting the house this weekend. the office this time. charcoal gray with robin blue trim... the blue trim looks nice through the brown walls of the dining room.... [in case you haven't been to our house... the living room, dining room and office flow into one another thru wide archways.... you can see through to all the rooms] the only problem is that the office is SUCH a disaster.... i did manage to get through some books and put some in a "to donate" pile - but i really want/need to get in there and organize... i put off grading and computer work, though, to paint and so i'm going to be feeling the strain this week. my own fault. i'll take my lumps.

tonight was crit 2 in the drawing class. i was fuming at one student. it looked like she literally spent 15 minutes on her drawing. the idea was "internal/external" represent something internal externally - on 2 pieces of paper - the theme is huge, right? you can take something apart and show the innards... you can illustrate a memory or a feeling... you can practically do anything if you can explain it. she did a TAPE DISPENSER - yes the scotch tape plastic kind. i kid you not. and when she spoke about it - she said - i dunno i thought it'd be fun to take the dispenser apart. but it wasn't. that was about it. really. and so the students were kind and tried to give her some feedback - but what can you say to that?? and so i just said: you know it's really hard for us to have anything to say to you. it doesn't look like you put any time or concern into your drawing and you don't even have anything to say about it. so how can you expect us to say anything in return? the fact you weren't interested SHOWS in your drawing. if you weren't interested then pick something else! ugh. she didn't attend the first crit. she will not be happy with her grade. yuck. i asked 2 students i like and trust if i was too harsh. they said - no she shouln't have even bothered to show that. what was the point? i'm trying to not let it get to me. as much as i really want to motivate and get through - in an instance like this it seems practically insurmountable! the student has to make at least a minor effort... water under the bridge. water take it away [calgon take me away. what ever happened to calgon? girl hula, you got me thinking!]

so.... i don't really know where i was going with these drawings this week. really it was the first thing that popped into my head was what made it onto the paper - or paint chip as the case may be. i'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing... and unfortunately i don't have the time to ruminate on this fact.... and you'll notice that the doily - singular - has become doilies - plural. only one has sewing - but i started to fear that i was in a box. and not trying anything new... heck maybe a WHOLE doily will get sewn in. what do i know????

i do know i have to make a list for tomorrow.... badly. voting - pick up slides - re-write statement - call client - email email email - ..... ..... yeah yeah yeah. spt??!?!? i hope i can get it together!


pat said…
Good for you for keeping your commmitments: to your drawing a day even when you are busy and to your students for being constructively honest even when one of them is being lazy. Hopefully, she (the lazy one) will get it. If not the others will benefit from your commitment to them and from your being a great role model. You are AWESOME!
mav said…
you're one busy lady ... take it one thing at a time, one day at a time and remember to breathe!
a tape dispenser... i mean, what?!?!?!
sending hugs of support!

ps. oh, i forgot ... i think your drawings all have a very tight collective feel and i just love it. let me think about it and try and put it into more verbal terms but i love where it's going!
wendy said…
I love the green ones. (I forget how much I respond to green.)
Sorry about that crit. Arg!! Silly girl. I think that it is great that you were firm. Its necessary not just for her, but the class as a whole!

You did not put BREATHE on your list. Just a little piece of the day to breathe for yourself.
mooncici said…
Your daily drawings...appear to be like some kind of "meditation" forms...it helps me to breathe in ...everytime I look at them :)
Aurora said…
Don't lazy clueless people make you want to grab a big tape dispenser and tape them all together in one big lump and roll them down a hill so they get covered with grass?
natalie said…
hello lisa! i love the green series!

The variety of images and treatment of the thread is fantastic, my heart belongs to the doilies though...

Sorry to hear about the crit, it must be frustrating when you put so much effort and work into teaching for a lazy student to 'take the piss' (does that translate?)...

remember you are an inspiration (to me & others)!
andrea said…
oooooohhh, the green. I love the green-ness. can't wait to hop on over to flickr and take a closer look!

in regards to the lazy student, I think your response was absolutely fair (and necessary)... she probably needs a little 'kick in the pants' to set her on the right track. and it's not fair to the rest of the class, that sort of laziness... it's a bit of an insult.

yeah, the calgon pop reference sticks with you, doesn't it? or are you referring to needing to relax...? or both...? sounds like we both need it!

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