drawing a day ~ week 12

drawing a day ~ week 12 Originally uploaded by dressform.

things are starting to reverberate - besides the doilies. i think this is a good thing... the bird house condo one brought me back to when i was an undergrad and painting these birds with arches... i think that really themes and desires and loves in art never really leave us... we just find slightly new ways to expand and use our vocabularies. things may retreat, or shift and we easily meander... but somehow somewhere the things that really resonate bubble back to the surface.... i kind of wonder if we really are wired with a set of universal symbols that trigger an almost automatic inherent response. is this why we look at cave paintings and manage to relate to them?? how the mind works!

since it is already kind of tuesday i'm not sure if i'll get to spt later.... and i so wanted to channel cindy sherman in the untitled black and white film series... sigh....

i am quite tickled by all the positive responses and well wishes regarding the japan show... thank you! i will definitely keep you abreast of any developments!

and now i bid you good night. it has been a long long day and a snuggly bed calls me!


Lisa [eots] said…
Okay, I'm a bit behind...scrolled back a few days to see about the Japan show...WOWEEEEEEEE!!!!! I'm doing a happy dance too! How exciting, I'm so totally thrilled for you!
wendy said…
One day I am going to have to watch you do all of your stitches!!
Those dollies really do it for me, and the peakanese stitch with ink is beautiful.

It is interesting to think about themes the resonate in ourselves. I love how you think!
andrea said…
yes, resonating themes. I see this in my own preferences (be it dance, visual art, writing)... so interesting.

would love to see your take on a cindy sherman-esque style for spt...! it's been so hard this month though, hasn't it? pulling it all together... (well, at least it has been for me!)...

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