happy toes

happy toes Originally uploaded by dressform.

connie took me to get a belated b-day pedicure yesterday. boy was that nice. sitting still in a massage chair for 20 minutes or so... and we had lunch too! wendy, i breathed!

hip hip hooray - the splitting of abby is done! insert big sigh of relief here.... so now i can start to get the new stuff online... i'm working on it... update is so forthcoming! yay!!

not really any studio time this week. see the bitchy princess below for how i feel about that. able to keep up on the drawing a day - but barely. it's time to put the happy toes down. NO. practice saying it... or in it's nicer form... as much as i'd like to do that, i can't. as much as i'd like to assist you in that matter, unfortunately the next opening in my calendar is in 2006.

i can't believe it's november already. time to start thinking about THE HOLIDAZE. [yes for me it's always a daze.] cards, gifts, family, friends, work parties, deadlines.... plenty of cheer, razzle, and dazzle.... i think i neeed to take a short nap first, though.

from cicilia
goodies from a new web pal mooncici . thanks cicilia! you totally spoiled me! shirt from bali, handmade post-it keepers, earrings, adorable celphone charm, cracker/cookies, and it goes on and on and on!! and i'm totally tardy on getting you your stuff out... forgive me....

string dolls
discovered these.... string dolls by kamibashi yeah. too cute. collect them all if you dare....

and finally.... girl hula you will FLIP over this one!! the bain collection of vintage photos... so many subjects... so many photos... not enough time!! [anyone come up with that time stretching device yet?? chop chop!!]

have a good weekend all!!


wendy said…
So glad to hear about the breathing!!!
Also I have found that saying NO actually can make you more desirable. Weird but true.
Lovely prizes and I am really so glad that you took a little time for a treat!
andrea said…
yes, that is exactly what I did when I visited the bains site... I FLIPPED... really, I wanted to get up and do a little happy-girl flip in the middle of the living room floor! how has this fantastic resource gone unnoticed on my part? I don't know but I guess it really doesn't matter since I have lovely internet friends like you! thank you so much for that link! hours and hours of fun in store for me...!

love the pic of your cute toes. I could stand a little pampering myself...
abbytrysagain said…
Yay for pedicures, swaps, splitting of things, holidays-yay for everything! I am so excited to see the new things in your shop
tania said…
great goodies and yes, a puzzle life can be indeed!
good luck with your dissolution!
you crazy bitchy princess you! i love that-

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