juggernaut juggle jugular

jugglers Originally uploaded by Nad.

i swear these words are in this order in my dictionary....

juggernaut - any destructive force or object

juggle - to keep several objects continuously moving from the hand into the air

jugular - of or pertaining to the region of the throat or jugular vein.

i was thinking about how much i am juggling. how many balls are up in the air - at the moment just suspended, but calamity could ensue any second. i picture pink and blue and red and orange rubble balls all around me. laughing while they bounce. granted this is not super threatening... and kind of funny. but also not. it seems like as i cross things off my to do list new things replace them - this is EVEN as i say no and consciously attempt not to take on any more. as i thought about how i feel like a juggler and then looking for a synonym to use for juggle in the dictionary - imagine my giggle at juggernaut and jugular. OK miss coincidence. i get the message. i swear!

from Wendy!

a surprise birthday package from my favorite girl of green . so i guess the bonus of all this blogging and flickring is that people really know what you like! how perfect is this stuff?? kokeshi and chocolate [retro chocolate at that]!! and wendy, i have been wanting to get back into the habit of smelling good. i know my mom hates perfume, but i like it when it's subtle. and yours smell divine. so i want to be enveloped in those smells.... and i'll think of you as i walk around and sniff my wrist! :) and i can't wait to look at the book - it's quite intriguing!

so.... thursday night i had a studio visit. remember awhile back when i asked for all the finger crossing? well thanks ladies and gents - it worked i believe! aparently my work has been chosen to be in a show with 5 other artists [oddly all men - but that's another thing] at this museum in japan! there's a tad of info in english on the space here. the exhibit is supposed to be next summer - august or so. and hubby and i are hoping to go too! so yes, picture me doing a crazy happy dance here [with lots of finger tapping!] i'm still not sure what they might want... the visit was with one of the artists who is part curator for the show - but the curators of the museum have to pick the final works.... and i want to make new pieces... bigger target pieces.... i'm starting with a quilt of 6 and seeing where i can go from there.... they may also be into a felt tank piece - which would suit me just fine. yesiree.

i have spent most of the day grading... but i am done with that for this weekend! hee hee... and because i need any bit of humor i can find... i leave you with this photo of garbo attempting to fit into a cat bed b/c it was warmed up....

what? i fit!!


laura r. said…
this is such exciting news!

garbo is a smart dog!
jenny vorwaller said…
lisa! how amazing! i am soooo excited for your show!

and happy birthday wishes! kiss kiss!
natalie said…
fantastic news! and a trip to Japan also...phew

Can't wait to hear more updates about this...
pat said…
One of the many balls you are juggling turned out to be GOLDEN (the japanese exhibit)! And you got some great b-day gifts from one of your friends you have developed via the blog...How wonderful is all of this!!
tara said…
yay lisa! congratulations on the show! you deserve it! i'm so happy to hear that all your ceaseless juggling has paid off:-)
wendy said…
yeah for the japan show!! So amazing. Congrats!!
I am glad that you are saying no, but I am sorry there is still so much juggling going on!
glad you liked your stuff!
andrea said…
oh wow, lisa! this is FANTASTIC news!!!... how exciting! I hope you and the hubby get to go! oh you MUST!congratulations to you a thousand times over...!!! so lucky, this corner of the world... to get to see your work up close and personal!
ladylinoleum said…
OMG Lisa cool! Congratulations!!!! You rock.

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