post turkey stupor

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bet you thought i had disappeared forever.... part of me is liking the notion of hiding away on some deserted island and simply escaping anything that remotely seems like a duty, promise, obligation or necessity.

had a really lovely time with my folks and grandma.... hoping you all had a great holiday! seeing that i barely have time to communicate with anyone it was quite nice to actually eat and sit and chat with real people in real time... ate rich foods like it was going out of style! can i go back to plain old pasta? or a cheese quesadilla? that is yet to be determined, but i'm hoping i can! otherwise i will gain at least 50 lbs!! above is a photo of our table... which really looks so lovely due to my grandma. she supplied the embroidered table cloth and all the dishes and flatware and glasses.... sigh.... so nice! we managed to squeeze in a visit to my studio [gram had never seen it] and to japan town in the city. oh yes... there are new craft books in my collection [i think they have all been revealed by other folks, but...] i'll post about those sometime soon [it's a hook to keep you coming back for more].

i got a bit discouraged - again [forgive me for lamenting - skip ahead if you would like a cheerier blogger]- after grading for much of the afternoon yesterday. thankfully my perspective is better as of today but i was really wondering if it was worth the effort.... i concluded [today] that YES for the couple of students that are flourishing it is completely worth it... and i have to keep reminding myself that unthoughtful responses to boring art works are par for the course... i don't think i really could emphasize more to them that their sketchbook is important and to use it - ALL THE TIME - and that if you want to be an artist you have to be looking at, hopefully responding deeply, and concentrating on ART.... yours, someone else's.... or even just to all things visual. i really should not be surprised anymore, right?? but it just seems so sad.... i mean 10 sketches ? a response to reading that says: i didn't understand what Louise Bourgious was talking about. and that's it - i SWEAR. that was it. what are these students into? what makes them tick? what do they love? how do i tap into that? how do i inspire them [particularly when i'm exhausted and barely inspired myself]?? i have to write myself a big note that it is worth for those who do participate - for those who do grow - who do change - who do engage... it is worth it for them.... because it was certainly worth it for me when i think back to my undergraduate experience.....

but i will conclude with part of what made my day today!
from nebo - art!

my neighbor took in a package for me yesterday.... a trade with the amazingly talented and incredibly sweet and charming natalie . the above are just the tip of the iceberg.... 2 drawings.... that are mine mine mine.... wow that feels good.... she also sent notecards [floral and russian dolls]... a bird that kills me... chocolate.... and THREAD - the most amazing multi-colored thread that i am 1/2 chomping at the bit to use and 1/2 scared that i will f*&k up and not be able to make a drawing.... see the rest of the haul here . i can't thank you enough natalie... and i promise your package will be on it's way before the week is done. it's all gathered... i just have to wrap!


abbytrysagain said…
glad that you had a good holiday-i feel you on the whole "gaining 50lbs" thing-oy
anyway-i had a drama teacher that made us keep an observation journal. everyday we had to make at least one entry describing a person's voice, style, or body movement. it was hard-i hated it at first-but i learned so much. devoting time and constantly thinking about your art/craft is so essential for growth-i'm sure that some of your students will treasure their "sketchbooks" forever. i can't imagine are awesome for doing it...
Natalie's paintings are so beautiful-really! you are so lucky...can't wait to see what you got in Japantown- (sorry for the giant comment!)
anke said…
wow - that table looks superb! like out of a magazine! we should all make more time for things like this, not only on holidays...sitting together with people we love, talking, eating slowly and with joy. wonderful.

as for your i said before - i think it's all about planting a seed. they might be lazy bastards (sorry) now, but one day the penny will drop if they really are sensible creative human beings. how old are they? maybe they don't know yet what rocks their boat (artwise) and what inspires them. just a thought. don't give up on them yet.
wendy said…
what fabulous art from natalie. I love those watercolors - you are a lucky girl.

the students. I think I responded the most to the teachers that could show what they loved, what made them tick. The other thing, is that it may be hard to put it out there. Their ideas, their art?
but maybe they are just lazy and if that is the case, they have to make the move.
andrea said…
I'm STILL recovering from thanksgiving... your table looks so elegant! so happy to hear that you had a good one...!

sooo much to think about when teaching, isn't there...? I commend you. so many people don't realize the work that goes into it, the extra hours, the thought, the planning, the caring. for what it's worth, your students are LUCKY to have you.

and a big wow over those drawings from natalie! way to bring some light into your day!

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