self portrait tuesday 13

bitchy princess Originally uploaded by dressform.

the theme this month is identity. this is me as a bitchy princess.... my inner princess in a foul foul mood. the alternate pensive version. i took 30 photos. oy vey. really i just wanted to wear a tiara. even if it was fake and plastic.... this month's theme could be dangerous. i've already plotted my own murder and how to photograph it....

this morning i awoke to a really thrilling email. kt wrote to inform me that a certain someone had purchased a target piece from her! i can't name names, but it's incredible that this person wants/likes/bought {!!!} my work. oh the ego is so easily appeased! [i almost did a little dance. i did clap my fingers together - all speedily. should have captured that, huh?]

then i dealt with the drudgery of the rest of the day. conversations with my soon to be ex-partner about what is happening with our business. she is leaving it. which really is FINE with me - other than i have to figure out what i want to do next. and we're generaing a dissolusion document. it's like a divorce. even though it is going decently it's just kind of ugly in a general sense. it really is for the best and we want to stay friends and friendly [the harder part]. i have learned a lot about people's motivations. my own motivations. what is important when engaging in this kind of undertaking. i am really really hoping that thurs we will sign this document and then i can just get on with it! there's new stuff... and it's cute and i want to get it out there!! luck be a lady and hang out with me, OK?

i've been thinking a lot about how sometimes life just seems like a puzzle [and YES this is a tired old analogy, but bear with me - i am bitchy princess after all!]. litterally a bunch of puzzle pieces [yes the 1000 piece variety that you would sit for days to put together - the complicated one with the forest and the lake and the sky that would look like lake and get you all confused]. it's like they get all thrown up in the air. some of them fall together and link up on their own. some you have to push around until they start to fit. and sometimes in really magical moments you spy the right piece across the divide and it fits. just right. too bad it's not just concentration that makes that happen. i could muster some more of that if it would prove so useful!


laura r. said…
lucky 13, great self portraits!
i bet you have learned a lot with your business venture.
hindsight is 20/20, right?
wendy said…
I love the bitchy princess. I also love that you have a tiara. The snear is awesome!
Yeah about your target. Those pieces are really awesome! Good Luck with abby stuff. It is hard to change things up. I am glad it is a 'good' breakup.
pat said…
Congrats on the sale of a piece of work!!
Don't sweat it too much about whether your soon to be former partner remains on a friendly basis or not. Just be glad you can get the hell out of the situation with your sanity. You can charm her into friendliness if need be!
Anonymous said…
Do the little dance already, that's great news that you sold a target piece! Congratulations.

Lady luck is a bit jealous because you look better in a tiara than she does, but she'll still hang out with you.

--Lisa |eots|
Aurora said…
Aw snap! Bitchy POP, sounds like you've been irritated into making some healthy changes. When I first read partner I thought you meant something else entirely and got worried!! Sometimes it is fun to be bitchy though & you look uber cute in that tiara -- if that is any consolation, & I miss you terribly, bitchy or not you are still my Princessa & I adore you to bits, lined up in neat little rows & adorned with sweet little bows.
mav said…
is this the abby-normal biz?? are you going to keep it up? it was all so lovely ... dreamy to me!
i hope you can figure out something that will get the hard stuff off of your plate as soon as possible.
be well & LOVED the princess. very fun.
x, mav
melanie said…
love this self portrait... you captured your inner-princess-in-a-foul-mood so well!

love the life is a puzzle analogy, too... so right on.
Trish said…
Fabulous SPT! I wish I cold let my Bitchy Princess out more often
natalie said…
i love the princess portrait... you look fantastic!

Conratulations on selling one of you pieces...I'm very intrigued to find out who it was! *tell..tell...tell*

Hope your business stuff got sorted too, it must be quite stressful to deal with

N x
dani said…
i so know the bitchy princess - love that you expressed it this theme.

wish i'd thought of it.

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