self portrait tuesday - #15

spt housewife Originally uploaded by dressform.

this is me as a housewife... which really is an identity switch! ha ha. i'm not really much of a housewife.... i hate cleaning. i like things being clean - don't get me wrong, but the act of cleaning is for the birds methinks. kitchens and bathrooms are the worst.... but i had to mop and clean since my parents and grandma are coming for t-day.... there is no way to live up to my mom's standards of clean but it at least the house has to be presentable! see other self portraits [go go!]

spt - sympathy for tonka

and this is for the countess.... she mentioned that she thought that sometimes she should be wearing an e-collar to protect herself. i agreed and thus in sympathy for tonka, and in hopes of making her giggle.... i put one on! thank you to everyone who wished him well... he is much better and not wearing the above monstrosity any longer! we got our new swank harness from rebecca at retro-pet and soon tonka will be out walking the streets of the hood as normal!

i hope that everyone has a really wonderful thanksgiving [if you are inclined or in a region that celebrates it!] i am so so so looking forward to cranberry sauce. yum. yum.


la vie en rose said…
i love your self pics. good luck with the cleaning and happy t-day!
wendy said…
ha ha - love the collar and also am so not a good housewife!!
Have a great thanks day with the fam!!
Aurora said…
You, m'dear are cute as a bug's ear, even in an E-collar! (Me, I look like a mad rabid sick vicious dog in mine!) I promise I'll try to help remind you. T'would be much easier if we lived closer. )c:

Anyway, Popsy darling, I hope you have a terrific T day -- How bout just dimming the lights so no one notices any uncleanness and relaxing? (Hey! I think I have the same glorious trash can in my kitchen!)

Lisa | eots said…
Glad to hear Tonka is free of e-collar misery and getting a nice new harness to stroll around town in. Is there anything you don't look great wearing?!

Your place looks completely welcoming, cozy and presentable to me. You'd be such fabulous company I wouldn't pay a bit of attention to any stray dust bunnies!
andrea said…
oooooh, I love the brightness of the first SPT... I hate cleaning, too. absolutely, positively hate it. but my parents were sort of clean freaks too, so I am cursed. I find it hard to relax when the house is a dirty mess.

and the second SPT... hilarious. and I'm loving the highlights in your hair. I think I'm going to take my lovely little mac laptop to the hair salon and pull up this pic of you and tell my stylist, "THIS is what I want."

happy thanksgiving to you, too...!
mooncici said…
You're looking very cute - I dig the second image!!!
ladylinoleum said…
I agree girl, housework is for the birds!

Nice collar...LMAO

Oh, I am starting your hat this weekend.

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