self portrait tuesday - #16

self portrait tuesday 16

i wanted to make this bigger, but ran out of time.... identity via your lips and their color.... so... demure... happy.... seductive?? [or desire?]

and thus the identity challenge ends.... i really wanted to get a wig... oh well... perhaps for another round. more great spt's and info here

there is word that shanna will soon return home and thus we all must resurrect out and about wed! yes? yes!

my list: [and anke has one too]
-upload temp. website for KF and work on design
-start on webdesign for UC
-finalize stationary for MF
-grade sketchbooks for 2810 i have a headache from it - but i did it!
-get packet together must go out Sat. overnight
-finalize design of secondary pages of WFP/PB
-get abby t-shirt/totes together for lavish order. deliver those tomorrow or thurs. am
-check with MP about perhaps meeting after above delivery.
-order software
-print holiday cards [waiting for card stock which was supposed to be deliverd today 12/01 according to UPS.... uh uh... not here... can i just say i HATE UPS! ] yay! got here finally!
-get trade together for anke, postponed due to kindess wrap and ship trade for regina
-clean studio
-clean house got to litter boxes got to big pile of dishes
-laundry only one more load, so i'm crossing this off
-squeeze in yoga? not until wed
-start syllabi for next quarter
-drawing a day
-finish dinner [matzo ball soup and avacado salad]
-send out email about holiday sale i'm participating in at cricket engine dec. 10 & 11
-pass out cards for above sale
-stop this list because it's just going to get longer.....

new items:
-line/label all abby inventory - get some to porch light
-stop visiting flickr so much and checking to see if someone comments on blog!!
-stamp some tags for trade with abby
-take photos of tonka in his new harness
-send photos to indishopper [they want abby stuff! yay!]


abbytrysagain said…
good luck Lisa :)
mav said…
first, love the self portrait!!!!!!!
next, my list always has on it "squeeze in yoga" with a question mark as well! i loved seeing it on your list. thanks for sharing ......... hope you get it all done. xo
wendy said…
oh my goodness!!
you better put some breathing time on your list or else!
i love lists. i always have millions at a time.
good luck??
mav said…
first, love the self portrait!!!!!!!
next, my list always has on it "squeeze in yoga" with a question mark as well! i loved seeing it on your list. thanks for sharing ......... hope you get it all done. xo
pat said…
Your lips are....well, I will leave that up to your hubbie to decide.

BUSY ain't the word for your life! FRANTIC might be more like it......
anke said…
Okay, you win! Your list is much much longer than mine! :) And much more impressive!
You don't have to send my package this week, there are so many other things that need your attention! (I mean it!)

I always love your SPT's like peeking in somebody elses life... (Great lipstick btw!)
la vie en rose said…
love that great lip color...what a creative idea!
Anonymous said…
glad i'm not you.... quite a list!
andrea said…
oh lisa, I love this... wow, you have gorgeous lips, dahlink! and interesting take on SPT identity... I dig it. I'm so with you on the lost wig opportunity. found a really great platinum one in a 20s lulu-like style last week but just couldn't bring myself to buy it, what with the holidays coming up and all. wish I had. I'm a little sad that the challenge has passed without some sort of shot with a wig. I didn't even participate this week! couldn't get it together. I'm so bummed.

and your list looks as long as mine!
Pat said…
looks like you are making progress on the list.....way to go girl!!
mooncici said…
Hm...I should start making list too...gosh...its December 1!!!!!!
wendy said…
it looks like you are getting through some of the list!! yeah!
ladylinoleum said…
Lip triptych is coolio girlie!
natalie said…
i love seeing you cross stuff off your list...

crossing off is a great feeling!
taragoe said…
yay! lists sure are comforting...even when they (seem) unmanagable...good luck with the doing and crossing off:-)

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