slight of hand

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slight as in slighted... ignored... neglected.... oh bloggy blog i'm sorry. oh friends and other things in my life - i apologize! i have not paid you due attention. does acknowledgement make it any better?? what i do like is if you just remove one small "s" you end up with light - light hands sounds nice.... as if then you are lighthearted.... i can try, right?

since i couldn't manage to get this done last week - i bring you pet to blog [the p2p tradition]. once again i'm squeaking under the wire with this one... but i at least have 2 hours and 20 minutes to type this time!

moe.... aka... miss moe, moemy, fatty mcgoo [she's chubby! and we mean this sweetly], imo potato [imo is potato in japanese - so i guess we're being redundant here], moemela, mopa dopa, princess moe... she is one of the sweetest kitties i have ever met - on her terms... she IS a cat! you can't pick her up and you can't go after her but she is so lovely. she rubs into you constantly.... she gives kisses.... if you call her she eagerly comes to sit with you. i think she has the cutest little face....

she was the last kitty that we ended up taking in. she was brought to a place hubby used to work by 2 biker chicks. her and her silver tabby sister. some big jock dude that worked there cleaning the kennels by day and body building by night accidently gripped her sister too hard one day. he actually crushed her internal organs and she died overnight [i know i know tragic]. moe slept next to her dead sister the whole night until someone found her in the morning. that was enough for hubby to say that we had to bring her home! she couldn't stay at the hospital any longer! of course i started to protest, but then.... she had extra toes too! [she has an extra thumb - if she wasn't so overweight you'd really be able to tell - she's got mits for paws!] and how can you say no to a little cute cuddly kitten??

from the start moe was sweet. she'd curl up into this little ball in my lap and sleep away. since she was hand raised around the dogs - she loves them too. she rubs into them all the time.... and if they didn't sniff so hard i bet she'd sleep with them... [moe finds the sniffing rude]. tonka hates when she marks him - back and forth - he gets this "get that cat away from me" look on his face. it's priceless!

moe is a flirt... she loves to hang out with boys. she loves mommy too... sometimes sleeps right under my arm.... but she's very polite. she doesn't wake you up.... just curls up and purrs. she is a bully about her food though. and all she likes is kibble. no human food [not even tuna which the boys goes nuts for]. she only wants kibble - so it's sort of ironic that she's so overweight.... if she wants to eat she kicks the boys out of the way and she puffs up so she doesn't have to share with them.... naughty girl! and she catches flies really well [maybe those big paws help!]

so that's our clan.... all 5 of them [can you believe we used to be the brady bunch and had 6??]. pets keep me sane. they are snuggly... they make me laugh.... they often make my day!

i do have some news... studio visit today... but more on this next time [i'm a tease!] because i have to get back to work.... and i have no idea what's new on flickr or what anyone else has been up to - at all!


wendy said…
what lovely pets you have. And such lovely stories about rescuing them to live the sweet life with you.
(bet you could have some good breathing thime with them!!)

I love the little teaser at the end. i'm on the hook!
andrea said…
I so love all your pet stories... and more than anything, I love that you have had the heart to take them all in...!
bugheart said…
oh little
i hope
i hope...
that you
have many
years still
in you...

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