drawing a day ~ week 18

drawing a day ~ week18 Originally uploaded by dressform.

what holiday? ha ha ha. a girl still has to draw!

i took a little bloggy/flickr break and will hopefully catch-up with you all later tonight. absence does make the heart grow fonder.

i hope you all had a lovely holiday. i did practically nothing. which is a feat in and of itself for moi. watched TV, some movies, stared at the little lights on the tree... snuggled with the poochies [and husband]. sigh. big reminder to do this more often!

look wenders!

last week i had a little visit from the girl in green . she was out here for a wedding and so she came to my studio. she brought lovely gifties that are making my space smell so good.... AND used targets.... i think i have an idea for them now.... more on this later. she also helped me untangle the above twine that miss moe had decided to wrap around the coffee table a good 10 times. [yes. dumb to leave string out with cats. lesson learned. usually mine are so good about leaving your stuff alone.... i guess red twine is just too tempting. moe looked so proud of herself. harumphf!] i couldn't believe that miss green was willing to do this for an afternoon.... but it sure was nice chatting with her!

i'm waiting for some paint to dry here in the studio. round 1 of wall work was too drippy. but i liked it other than that! I'm getting excited that this might actually work!

AND!! Just heard that at least one weeks worth of the drawings will be in a show at UCDAVIS called Sketch. Total surprise. The director of the gallery just emailed me. Felt good. esp. since i found out that i did not make it to round 2 of something i had applied for. one door closes and a window opens. right?? i can't believe 2005 is almost over... I'm thinking of resurrecting last year's list of hopes [since i don't like resolutions] and seeing how i did?? might be too scary....

oh! and i think I'm going to read something by jeffrey eugenides because he was the one author mentioned twice [yes I'm so democratic.] but all your suggestions sounded so good - and i had read a few of them so i didn't feel like a complete nincompoop. i'm going to scope out the library at CSU - it's big! and - gulp - i go back to teaching next week.


ladylinoleum said…
I'm with ya...the drawing should always go on. Hey, fab about the Davis show! Awesome. Sounds like you had some lovely down time. Nice!

Wishing you myriad wonders in 2006!
tania said…
ya for the show! and thats so cute about the twine-
mine are really bad with string!
glad you had a good holiday!
it went so fast!
wendy said…
I am so glad to hear that you had a break!! Took a little breather.
I had a lovely time with you!! Any time you some twine unrolled I'm your girl.

Congrats on the Davis thing!!
Anf library's are great, then you don't have to feel any money crunch if you don't love the book!!
Amanda Woodward said…
Yay!!! Congrats on the show!!! I'd love to come down for the opening, when is it??

I like Jeffery as a writer, I've read Middlesex & Virgin Suicides & both were wonderful!!

I just now read your email & I'm going to reply asap, I'm slow lately :D
anke said…
Good for you you finally took a little break! :) I'm very curious about what you are making with that twine.

Congratulations on the show - that's wonderful!!!

Eugenides is great - especially "Virgin Suicides". Did you know he lived in Berlin for over three years?
andrea said…
I am also currently taking a blogging/flickr break and I think I'm experiencing serious withdrawals.

congrats on the uc davis show! yay lisa! and speaking of your fab drawings, I'm headed over to flickr to take a closer look at the lovelies... so much for the flickr break!
tara said…
glad to hear you had a nice ( + relaxing!) holiday...the drawings look lovely as always:-) congrats on the ucdavis show too!

haven't read "Middlesex", but I really enjoyed "Virgin Suicides"...it really got under my skin (in that good way though...books should affect your mood, right?)

here's wishing you lots of luck and hopes for the new year!
natalie said…
great news to hear your 'drawings a day' will be in a show! congratulations!

I'm inspired by you to try a drawing a day but the commitment intimidates me...

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