drawing a day ~ week16

drawing a day ~ week16 Originally uploaded by dressform.

where did all the color come from??

so today hubby and i completely re-arranged our living room and dining room. in fact we switched them.... we put a gas stove in our dining room b/c that's where our chimney is and we realized we really wanted to sit in front of the fire and gaze at it. besides, traditionally the room was probably a "parlor" and it's bigger that our former living room now dining room....

but man it sure takes a lot to move furniture and re-hang art - oh and re-hang art again b/c it wasn't right the first time.... and put knick knacks in their spots.... still working on that, but at least the rooms are presentable. this is of course all while i have a gigantic list of other things to do... picture me whistling innocently and twiddling thumbs....

BTW - new blogs i read on the left.... yes it keeps growing and a link to the "why we blog" project. why not, huh?

OK - i have to tackle at least a few things on that list!


wendy said…
Did you take any before and after photos?
I can sort of picture the warmth of your house from the descriptions and the photo snipts.
(is that how you spell snipt?)

love when you use the paint swatches. The color names are very inspiring!!
Anke said…
I hope you took some pictures for "Home Story"! (Almost running..) :)
I'm really really curious about your place!
And I second the paint swatches - the wild grass was genius!
mav said…
i love to rearrange the house or even just a single room. it is SO important to creativity!!
i posted just now my blog ideas & thoughts..... thank you for asking all of that!! :)
and i LOVE the color in your works today.
xo, mav
jenny vorwaller said…
lisa~i would love to see the pictures too! :) rearraning is the best.
Lisa said…
The colors for week 16 were a wonderful surprise; I love the spirograph red and I'm as jazzed as everyone else about the paint swatch!

Thanks for the intoduction to some great new blogs.
Amanda Woodward said…
oh my goodness, why are you the most amazing minimalistic drawer ever? I'm not sure that sentance even makes sense, but regardless, I love it when you post your art. I agree with Wendy, lets see some indoor pics!!
natalie said…
oh how i love the colour this week

...who could imagine I could love your doilies even more!! this week's is incredible

(sorry I haven't posted about blog yet - soon!...i've been dipping in and out of internet this week and need a night to sit down and properly blog! i miss it)

N x
andrea said…
don't know where all the color came from but I LOVE it...

and isn't it funny how rearranging furniture can literally breathe new life into your living space? you are inspiring me to do the same.
joy madison said…
I'm always rearranging furniture! I wanna see pics too!
ladylinoleum said…
Love the color! Oh and I rearrange my furniture all of the time. I get restless.

Hey, I posted why I blog. Sorry it took so long!
Spider Girl said…
I like the idea of totally switching the furniture in two rooms. It's free and it gives a new look.

Me, I just got an electric fireplace in our bedroom. That's the cozy place I like to read so it makes more sense in that room than anywhere else, even though I had to do some serious re-arranging.

Ah, much better. :)

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