i humbly

would like to thank you all for your incredible support - esp. after my bleeding hard last post! you guys are phenominal.... maybe it was a good thing that my comments got screwed up? [life is funny!]

hugs to you all... i wish i could have you over for TEA!!
and anke - OK - Jan. 15th it is.... [THANK YOU!!!]


laura r. said…
i wonder how many people visit & NEVER leave a comment.
we are human lisa.
Amanda Woodward said…
yayayayayayay Now I've finally got your blog!! Haha. I linked you too btw! I love all your fun links, I just spent 30 minutes clicking all sorts of goodness :D
mav said…
girl, don't be so hard on yourself...... you are rocking it all. as for the yoga on your list. take 10 minutes and just do downdog + forward bend + seated forward bend + comfortable seat + breathing. 10 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!! i swear this will make you feel so much better.
hugs hugs hugs, mav
wendy said…
we love ya!!
ohh do the mav yoga!!
Anonymous said…
Ha - and I wondered why a comment I left never showed up! :)
Sending loving vibes across the ocean - Anke
andrea said…
yes, sometimes those sorts of things happen for a reason... you just needed to feel all the love. sometimes we really need that and you know, we never allow ourselves to actually ask for things like that and so something like this must happen. and oh how I wish I could come over for tea!!!

(wow mav, I'm going to have to try that yoga fix)

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