it's rainin' it's pouring

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the old man is snoring. we are huddled by the fire.

hubby came home early the other night from work and said - let's go buy a tree... so we busted out all the amazing vintage ornaments that we got from MM as a gift [oh yes it was a SCORE] and now it actually does feel a bit more like the holidays in our house.

above is the little tinsel tree that i put all my favorite ornaments on. i love this little tree. and i love the little cardboard village [yes, part of that score]. i'm going to add more holiday decor to my flickr set as the days go by. if i do the whole shabang at once it would be overwhelming.

tomorrow is shopping day. even though i really do hate the consumerist nature of this time of year, i can't help but get sucked in to wanting some things. the problem is i keep wanting things that are rather "big ticket" items in price. someone should start a website where everyone you know can contribute to some object of your desire... $5 here... $5 there.... wouldn't that be good?

wanna see what i'm coveting??
Hideo Wakamatsu - blossom

which i saw here [after dropping off abby-shirts across the street]. there are 2 sizes the carry-on and the check... anke told me all about this bag first. and we both lusted after it... and then i SAW it in person. yeah. that pitter patter absolute desire and wanting feeling. yup. you know the one.

and then.....
uh-huh i'm wishing
now. i LOVE my cannon S70 camera - it has lots of manual settings and takes great photos. but i've been thinking about experimenting more w/ photography and with some different lenses and... well then you need an SLR.... so the above is the most reasonable "base" model. and i did find it for $586 here but i can't justify it. i don't need it. i'm not a photographer really - and so... it stays on the wish list.... maybe if i sell a bunch of art [ha ha] i can start a D50 fund.

i did start a amazon wish list a while back...

but why is this all about me? i need to be getting gifts and spreading good will and cheer to OTHERS!!

here's something i've been chewing on. someone said the other day that we all need to learn to be indifferent to wickedness. so i've been trying to figure out how exactly to do that. you may first want to dislike or hate or get revenge upon wickedness, but really that doesn't help you does it? you can't ignore the wicked - because then it might get bigger and worse and really impede you. nor do you want to make friends with wickedness.... because then you'd be wicked too [not a good time to join em if you can't beat em]. indifference, though.... doesn't rule out acknowledgement, doesn't lead to stressful gut wrenching reactions.... this i like. the trick is actually mastering this, yes? hello wicked. yes, you are there and oh yes you may have really hurt my feelings or said some unabashedly awful things, but really i don't care. in fact i more than don't care - i'm INDIFFERENT. so go back to the wicked cave you came from and go bother someone else. [start whistling here]

sorry for the extended post,but since i haven't been posting, i figure a you'll forgive a bit of length? FYI - i got my syllabi in to be xeroxed [big phew]. i am up to date with clients and hopefully none feel neglected... almost all holiday cards are out in the world... and.....


i'm working on my wall piece for the show in Jan.... the wall is prepped and cleaned and i've actually started a bit... but not ready to show that yet....

happy saturday all! [and if you want good reading... there are more "why we blog"s out there]. AND - i almost forgot. tonka would like you to know that he is on his way to internet stardom. retro-pet has put him on their home page. it's all going to his head of course!


pat said…
Tonka is REALLY gonna be a brat now that he is on somebody's webpage!

Your tree must be lovely....what a great and generous friend MM must be, eh?!?

What wall/show in January?
Anke said…
Way to go, Tonka! Please send me a paw print before you are too famous to care. ;)

Lisa...I almost forgot about the you made me want it bad...but there are no funds left after Africa and christmas so I have to be patient until one of us wins the lottery (you haven't forgotten our deal, have you? ;) )

Wickedness - yes, it's so hard to be indifferent to wickedness. But I try never to go down the same path and stay calm. It sounds corny but I have experienced that a lot: IT ALL COMES BACK TO YOU. Or them. It does. Not today or tomorrow, but it does. Think 'karma, baby' and take a deep breath. That doesn't mean you have to take everything and have people walk all over you. But I refuse to contribute to all the bad vibes that are out there already. (I'm no saint - sometimes I just want to kick and bite...)

Very exited about your new project and I'm in love with your christmas decoration!

Phew...long post...long comment...;)
Hugs, Anke
Amanda Woodward said…
well well well, I know whos Christmas tree I want this year!!! I've always wanted a little tinsel tree more than anything in the whole entire free world.

But I'm not jealous or anything :D

I'm not sure what to say about wickedness. I generally am very blunt towards people and if someone is a jerk, I say "hey you, jerk!". But then again, I'm also a firm believer in kharma & what goes around SO comes around. I don't think kharma is really passive, I think its more a matter of patience!

Enjoy your shopping! And that Nikon camera is amazing, but then again, I'm a Nikon snob. One neat thing you could always do is buy an old manual film camera. I have my moms Nikon that she bought when it first came out in like, 1970 & the thing takes the most amazing photos, old cameras are great! And generall cheap if you go to pawnshops & whatnot. Ok. I'm done :D
mav said…
what an interesting post! i love the suitcase ... and you know how i feel about the camera. fun fun fun.

as for wickedness & indifference ... all i can say is remember to breathe. now, there are some times when being nasty is okay but most of those times are when you're alone in the car or talking to yourself in the shower. i think it's important to remember that what you put out into the world goes out and just bounces right back onto you! it's so true. you smile at someone, they usually smile back. usually.
anyway, thinking of you. now is a time for reflection & calmness..... i hope your holidays are WONDERFUL!!!! and most of all i hope you get some time to yourself to chill out.
kisses, mav
taragoe said…
what a great post--indifferent to wickedness? that's a tough one...much easier when the person handing out wickedness is just a wicked person (or a wicked situation)...but indifference is *really* hard if the wickedness is somehow pointed or personal. i have a hard time with this general i prefer politeness and diplomacy (cause i'm sensi), but i'm trying to learn to strike some sort of balance between indifference and assertiveness (i think sometimes people need to know--in a non-humiliating way--that they're being a jerk...because not everyone learns from karma...sometimes we all need a bit of a nudge right?)

woh! you got me thinking:-) i think maye i need to blog something about the path-of-wickedness now:-)

yay for tonka!
love the decorations...let me know when your show is opening!
andrea said…
cutest little suitcase EVER. and you already know how I feel about tinsel/aluminum trees...

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