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so i take it from the lack of comments that my last post was on the banal side.... sorry.... a list is a list is a list.... update OK - so blogger totally screwed up my comments.... somehow my settings got switched - and i swear i went no where near them.... i haven't touched them since i updated the left bar like eons ago.... and how did the one anonymous comment make it through?? so this morning i look and there you all are!! you still like me!! and i'm a dork. and lame for posting this and retarded. sorry. that's what i get for late night feeling sorry for myselfness [i'm making up a new phrase] it's funny because when i started this whole blog thing it really was for my family and for me. a place for me to randomly record the things that went through my head. things that seemed especially pertinent to the studio or to whatever i might be interested in for a nano second. i knew that technically it would be "out there" for the world to read.... but really it seemed like it was more of a secret.

and then.... came this flood of community and like minds and it grew into this whole other entity. an entity that i have really come to enjoy and love and cherish in a way that i never really thought possible. i really do truly savor reading and commenting on what you my internet friends [some of you are more than just friends] - are doing... for a split second i had this feeling as if i was in a competition.... like comments were chocolate covered golden nuggets.... and i needed more and more to survive.... and that's not what this space is about. and i'm not sure why i even needed to make this notion public, but.... i felt compelled. and thus.... there it is.... dear readers - should you comment stupid blogger for eating them! i will be excited by what you share. should you not, my typing won't cease [i mean really if i start thinking about an audience i will most likely clam up, shut up or cease and desist!] i'm leaving this in because it will remind me to quit being such a ninny, OK?

above is the rubberband ball i started way back when i worked for a gallery. why? because that's what happens in offices of all kinds. boredom seeps in and rubber balls are born. it has grown and shrunk in size for various reasons....

yesterday and today i have been feeling like a rubber band.... stretched and taught and potentially snappable. don't stand too close because it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. the rubber band metaphor is even more close to me since my grandfather was obsessed with them. he used them as a tool to seal and close almost anything you could imagine. a wallet wasn't a wallet with out a rubberband around it. cupboards simply don't really stay closed with out them.... and now i am channeling one... what does this mean?

what i really should be doing is continuing work in my factory. i have turned my dining room into a factory indeed see for yourself:
dining room factory

it's all for the sale. all for the sale... tagging, lining, labeling... inventory... pinning, counting.... and i should be an elf right now. but i'm burnt. i'm an old sundried rubberband that is past its prime....

i think it's nothing that some sleep and coffee can't fix. let's hope so.


nichola said…
Well said. I hope the sleep and coffee do the trick.
natalie said…
Lisa, great to read you talk so honestly about your blog and your connection to it...

The initial purpose of my blog was like a visual bookmarking tool of all the links to artists/designers that inspire me, and to create a visual lookbook for myself...It was created in a selfish way as I was p*ssed off finding artists then months later not being able to find their link, but I know that if I post about it on my blog I will always be able to find it again

.....then people started to comment and after months I feel a real sense of community and support that I would find it hard to receive offline...and being shy in the 'real world' building a friendship online with other 'blog' people has really surprised me

Personally 2005 has been a terrible year for me for a variety of reasons, mainly due to bad luck, but I can say that creating my blog and meeting other creative kindred spirits has been the highlight of my year

I think the purpose of my blog has stayed the same from the first day (but I do get a kick from introducing other peoples creative work to others...)

whenever I read your blog I get inspired by your creativity and hard work (you work hard!)

N x
wendy said…
breathing can help says the broken record.
you have some sort of enabler on the comments, so they don't go through right away.
Sending you lots of love and willing you to take a little breather!!
pat said…
it is better to write for oneself than for the potential replies you might/might not get from others. I sent you a comment, however, to your "list" posting but it did not get published somehow. Did you not "approve" of it?
Anke said…
Ah...blogging and the internet are strange... When I started I was sure nobody would read it and was surprised when the first feedbacks came. After a while you start to wonder about the topics people comment on. At some point I was sure that the shallower the topic (shopping links for example), the more responses I got. But I was proven wrong.
A while ago I deleted my URL in my flickr profile because I was happy with the friends I found so far (I think there are still some 'lurkers' who read it but never comment though). I love to read your blog and your comments on mine, Lisa...it's like talking with a friend about your day. And it doesn't always have to be like "I performed open heart surgery today", just normal things are fine. It's not that I have never wondered when people are not commenting ("Oh god, they think I'm a spoilt brat!"), but that's not what is important. (Since the ones that count usually do write.) Sometimes I just like going back in time and read what happened a couple of month back, how I felt, how others felt...what was important then and now. Remember - it's your blog and you can write whatever you want. Nobody else has to read it if they don't want to.

As for the rubber band - I think you really need a break. BADLY. Is there any chance you can relax for just a little while? (Oh - and I forbid you to send my package before January 15th!!! :) ) Big hug, Anke
Jyesika said…
I enjoyed this post exceedingly. I've been blogging for about a year, and only in the last couple months has it occured to me that more than just my boyfriend and sister read it. I've recently started trying to sell stuff online (as a replacement for a job i just lost) and so am actively making an effort to get more commentary. It's funny how much a comment brightens my day. I totally understand what you are saying.
andrea said…
what's all this? I have one crazy weekend and so much goes down with all my blogger peeps... really, it's weird because I haven't been able to check in like I so enjoy (actually, it has been killing me) and I have missed you (and a handful of others) sooo much!... does that sound crazy? anyway, I so appreciate your honesty here and I cannot tell you how many times I have thought about this whole phenomenon, this community of artists/writers/crafty girls that I have discovered online and how happy it has been making me. and I too started my blog for such different reasons... I was stubborn to start one and determined not to care what ANYONE else thought. I was hoping to exercise my writing skills and give my family and friends something to read in the mean time. surprise! I do care and the comments I receive stinking MAKE MY DAY. the encouragement, the support, the inspiration I have found... irreplaceable. and so it's hard not to take it personal when the comments are slow to come. I just want you to know (and yes I am so late to the scene here) how much I love reading about you each day. and so glad I (inadvertently!) found you... you inspire me.

and I too hope for a break for you soon... some time to play and pamper yourself and just hang. you deserve that!
Life Aboard said…
Those bags look really intriguing!

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