self portrait tuesday #18

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inspired by this photo by mav .

this was my grandpa's shaving mirror. it hung in the shower at his house. now my hubby uses it. it's not a fancy mirror... it's just creamy plastic - but somehow it resonates with my papa's presence. funny how objects can do that huh? i'm holding my locket. there's a picture of my papa from our wedding in it. there's also a picture of a dog from the past - satchel. he was my first dog. my first dog love. so i wear this locket when i am lonley - or wanting the energy of those i have loved deeply to fill me. or when i am missing them [or anyone].

more spt's here

robot T

one of the robot T's from today. each one is a bit different. not sure why - just playing and thinking about who they will belong to. a few of them need another round of printing - but this round has to dry first.

tomorrow is another day.

thanks for all the book suggestions so far. i have no idea which way i'll go.... but i'll keep you posted. should we start an online book club? [oh gosh like we need another thing? i know i know.... just a random thought....]


pat said…
How reassuring it is to have a photo or an everyday object to remind us of the ones we love...especially during the Holidays when we notice their absence more. I have a watch given to me by my Dad that I wear everday. Since he was always so meticulous about time, it has a very special meaning for me! I hope you will share more about your Papa as time goes on. Rubberband balls, signs labeling things...he must have been an interesting guy!
Anke said…
I love the put more thought in you sp's than anyone (including me...I just snap something that just slightly resembles the theme). Your grandpas signs are a work of art and I guess he would be happy to know that his mirror is still in use.

A book club! When are you planning on reading them? Is somebody cloning you or are you giving up sleep for good? :)
wendy said…
this is beautiful...lovely, I miss reading your blog!! I finally got a moment and I love this idea and the reason why you wear the locket.
see you soon!!
Amanda Woodward said…
hey lisa, I'm sorry I haven't commented on your blog lately, I've been a terrible blogging friend!!!

I really adore your locket, it has such a wonderful story behind it. I sometimes wear a little stuffed squirel that my bestfriend got me, hes bright yellow & had bits of kimono fabric on him (they sold him at urban outfitters as a christmas ornament) usually I wear a pretty ribbon through him & he absorbs all my evil vibes :D silly huh??

I think a bookclub is a great idea, I'm all for it & can help in any way. I just read a book by Elizabeth Peters. She writes a series of stories about an egyptmologist named Amelia Peabody, really quick little fun mysteries. I like books in series. Last night before bed I read two books, "Knit one, kill two" & "Needled to Death". Silly huh? Both were little knitting mysteries...haha. I read terrible books, but I love easy pageturning reads now & then!!!

I hope you have a great holiday & we can talk soon!

Also (because this comment is going to be insanely long) I ADORE your newest green drawings. Are you planning on selling any of them after your series is complete?? I'd love to own one of your drawings!
andrea said…
I love this self portrait of you... so lovely. and I love that there's such special personal history behind the mirror and the locket.

started reading any of eugenides' books yet? I'd be interested to know what you think of 'middlesex' or 'the virgin suicides'.
andrea said…
oh, and I think an online book club is a fantastic idea! count me in!

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