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oh lovely mail. all from the very dear abby . we were "chatting" about stamping and tags and decided we should trade. warning - if you swap with abby pack your box well because she will spoil you and you'll feel like you short-changed her!

see the rest of my haul here . maybe i'll be willing to part with some tags on gifts this year... hmmm we'll see.

did some shopping today. it wasn't too bad out there b/c it was POURING. streets flooding pouring. almost time to bust out w/ the wrapping.... i do really like wraping gifts.

drawings tomorrow....


Anke said…
Wow...Abby really spoiled you! I was coveting the contents of the package over at flickr. So pretty!

P.S.: I finally finally managed to post about 'why I blog'. Whew!
andrea said…
a tag trade... how fun! I love wrapping presents too. I enjoy the process of picking out the paper, the ribbon, the tag. love the sense of satisfaction I get once I've finished... I'm trying to do a little each night this week so I'm not up all night on christmas eve!

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