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update! more why we blogs are out there.... they are so amazing and touching and !!! go read them !!! and keep them coming....by the way... blogger somehow screwed up this post - so all the comments are gone - i had to re-post it [crap on blogger again!] but thank you for them! they are all still in my gmail inbox and are completely appreciated!!

trying to get in the holiday spirit. feeling a bit grinchy this year. just not enough time to do the decorating right and if you aren't going to do it right.... why do it at all??

i know i have been a bit absent from me blog.... just too much going on this week... but i'm hoping that this week marks the end of the absolutely insane schedule. if i can get my syllabi in for next quarter i will feel a huge burden lift!

i have been LOVING people's posts on why they blog. here's the list thus far.... if i left you out please email me [lisasolomondotcom@gmail.com] and i'll be sure to add you! thanks you guys....

green girl
disdressed new to me and a really nice blog
french toast cake also new to me and incredibly charming!
tales from third place
loobylu i'm sure claire doesn't read my blog, but she happened to write about why she blogs. coinkydinks are nice... :)

the list continues:
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my freak out post that got me thinking....
the post where i asked the question why do we blog?
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red felt flower

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hopefully drawings a bit later today [when it rains it pours with posts!]


Rampant Bicycle said…
I like this meme. :) Got an addition for you! (See link above.)
hi-d said…
Hi Lisa

I tried sending a post with a link to my answer on my blog but am not sure that will work....

anyways jsut wanted to tell you I recently found your blog and really enjoy reading it every day and answering your question "why do I blog" helped make what I want to do with my blog a little clearer...thanks

Why I Blog
I started really looking at blogs this year and really love them. I love the unique personality each one has. I starting realizing too that really it is just a different form of sketchbooking and journaling which I love to do. I love collecting things too and love that little clippings are all over the place in different notebooks and books-- its such a fun surprise to find when open an old journal and a clipping of the perfect sheets for my bedroom fly out...but its kinda annoying when I want to see all the ideas I have collected/scribbled down but they are all over the place...so I thought a blog woud be a good way to organize all these things. A great place to document inspiration and ideas. I think as a start it will be documentation for myself but I really hope to make connections with other bloggers and share and build on ideas together. I am also interested exploring the connection between all these "things" I love as a designer but also the enormous waste and excess this and we can create... Its a weird place I think a lot designers (and non designers) are in and Id love to start more conversation about it.

I really only started posting last week and havent commented on a lot of sites YET but I want to start soon. begining with a post of why I blog to Lisa Solomon's blog.

hi lisa:

I found your blog through POPPY's "why we blog" link. Too bad I missed everybody elses' postings... :) Anyway, thought it's a good idea to share why I blog.

I'm the biggest fan of all home/interior/decor magazines. I'd search any interesting, creative items from the magazines on the www, and my browser's bookmark list became a long and real messy one. It's still messy now, btw.

But I can't share this excitement with anybody around me here, simply because my circles are around IT and Finance people. None of them in any sorts of creative fields, and we just never talk about these. Don't get me wrong, I came from IT background as well, and my circle of ppl here are good friends of mine. So I'm not saying I'm in a wrong circle of friends. I just felt the need to create a new circle with ppl who are really into creative things. And being a mother, it's hard to find time to get to know others here. I figured it's easier and faster, of course, to start on www.

it was around the same time that blogging news was filling up local newspapers and tabloids in Singapore. After I found out what blogging is and searched for creative blog sites, I realized I should start blogging, too, and share my favorite things on www. And I'm glad I did. Now I'm meeting ppl with same interests thru my blog and others' blogs. It's a real fascinating journey for me, and I never wish it to end. :)

That's my story. :) Thanks for giving me a chance to share it here. ;-) and of course, thanks to Jan for linking me here. Cheers.
coxi said…
i love that pollariod!

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