drawing a day ~ week 19

drawing a day ~ week 19 Originally uploaded by dressform.

day 2 of 2006.... feel any different?

drawings from last week. seems like i was really into the edges of the paper for 4/5 of them.... not sure why that was. maybe feeling out the margins??

so of course i've been thinking some more about the ordinary. the mundane. what happens day to day. i decided to read middlesex... i had to order it - it's on the way. if anyone would like to read along w/ me we can try that online bookclub idea. if you've already read it than feel free to contribute. i guess my plan is to start reading and then i'll blog about some point in the book and we'll "discuss"??? but i digress....

in waiting for middlesex i picked up encyclopedia of an ordinary life my gift from wendy by Amy Rosenthal. WHAM - miss rosenthal would believe in the coincidence. she talks about the randomness of life, but how when you interested in or thinking about something it manages to pop up in your face - for her it was marshmellows :) [anke, this is kind of like what you were saying about how being interested in something defines that moment in time]. so here i am really thinking about the ORDINARY what moves you in small ways. how can i document it? should i stop typing so many words and start posting more images [would this justify a D50 purchase? heh heh]? why can a chipping pedicure be beautiful and sad and meaningful if placed in the right context? in EOL she talks about things just clicking. we've all felt that. when something is just right. it's inspiring... the earth shifts ever so slightly. and often it's then gone. so we hunt for it again. or we revisit that something to see if it still has that hum to it....

this is what i'm searching for right now. in the small, in the large, in the sole of my shoe, in my brain.... wherever it may be. is this why i'm facinated by lists? in a 1950's kid's diary i found? more on this to come i'm afraid....

3 little kitties

the first CRAFT of 2006 [ok finished in 2005]! from one of my many japanese craft books. from this page.

there are more why we blogs!


wendy said…
love this post the 'free' form of your thought stream.
also love the new turn the drawing a days are taking! the new dollie is beautiful.
can't wait to see how things go in search of the humm!

love your softies!!
poppy said…
interesting insights - i like that idea of the ordinary. look forward to hearing more. that book also sounds intriguing. if i only had time (that sounds so lame, but i'm having issues with time right now). like your softies - you are so talented!
anke said…
I love your drawings - as always. They are more playful and girly these days or is that just my impression? I think you are already achieving through them what you are currently thinking about.
Keep on blogging what you feel like - this is your space! If you feel like posting more pictures or text - do as you like, we are with you! :)

Oh - and you linked my name to the 'green girl art' site, not my blog. :)
andrea said…
I love your words here-- such beautiful words about the ordinary... about finding the extraordinary in the everyday. this is exciting to me, this idea, because if we aren't open enough to see these things, then what do we have?

I think we should both talk each other into that D50 purchase so we can document, document, document.

[as always, love the drawings... my specific thoughts are on flickr:)]

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