if i wish it hard enough will everything be OK?

if i wish it hard enough will everything be OK? Originally uploaded by dressform.

it has been a rollercoaster of a last few days.... lack of sleep.... out of control client who has a penchant to use exclamation points to an extreme.... i feel like yelling that squeeky wheels do not always get the grease! battling sickness.... trying to get a feel for my classes. trying not to seem like the neurotic spaced out inept being that i feel like!

some news i'd like to pass on regarding shanna of two trees .... go read the last post - generated by joy . shanna.... we are thinking of you in this most difficult time.... we miss you and await your return when YOU are ready to make an appearance! the whole idea of this community is that we are one... and thus you will have as much support from us as we can muster.... please take care of yourself and your family!!

on the flip side i have art that is going to be in 4 different venues soon.... it's hard to believe. i feel like this is such a bang-up art start to the year is the rest of it going to fizzle?? i hope not! i'll post here right before things in case anyone is interested.... there will also be info on the home page of my website....

duality. word of the week. being a libra i prefer balance, but i guess learning how to stand on one leg or on my head isn't all that bad....

oh! a few more why we blogs! yup! please be sure and email me [lisasolomondotcom AT gmail dot com] if i've left you out.

has anyone seen nine lives?? [the movie?] it seems like it's hitting right on the ordinary.... 9 vignettes - with an emphasis on the women in them.... i wish i went to see movies....

i leave you with a glimpse of the wall work in progress [i think i have it pretty much figured out. hip hip hooray]

wall work in progress


Anonymous said…
Nice images

andrea said…
oh, I hope you aren't getting sick! stay well, please. glad to hear you're starting the year off with a bang, though. lovelovelove the red doily and can't wait to see more!
dani said…
this looks awesome! beautiful! please post more pics of this wall art.
wendy said…
take care of yourself! just a little time to stop, so you can keep going.
can't wait to see more of the wall.
Congrats on all the different venues!!!!!
pat said…
can't wait to hear more about your different venues and to see more of your wall project!! don't forget to rest and to breathe in the midst of all of these things.
maria said…
i feel as if i should tell you slow down and remember your new years resolution about "saying NO" ... but while reading your post, even though things are wild, you still seem organized. i think OJ and sleep will keep you grounded through a busy time {at least it works for me}. your new work looks AMAZING. wishing you a good monday, mav
poppy said…
i think all this upheaval is going around - sickness, busy-ness....it seems so many people are in the same space, including me.

LOVE the red doily piece!
Aurora said…
I prescribe the following 7 step program for your malady of frantic proportions:

1. Feed Lisa
2. Water Lisa
3. Close Lisa's eyes & let her sleep & dream at night
4. Treat Lisa tenderly & with respect
5. Congratulate Lisa on her triumphs!
6. Be certain to give Lisa has as much time as it takes to make more of those gorgeous red doilies.

Everything will be fine... You are a badass rockstar!

natalie said…
hi Lisa

Hope you feel better soon :)

Great news on the 4 venues for your art - what a great way to start 2006!

...the wall doily looks perfect! so happy that you have taken this into a larger scale so successfully

Where about will you be showing your art? how much is a flight to the US? :)
melanie said…
take care of you so can wallow in your successful start to the new year!
anke said…
I can't believe I'm just reading this today...so sorry I've been lazy with catching up during the last week.

I hope you feel all better now (Did YOU take any vitamin C?) and the crazy client is under control - excessive use of exclamation points is always a bad thing - just think of 'Seinfeld' when an exclamation point ended Elaines otherwise perfect relationship... ;)

But hey - the venue news are wonderful!!! Congratulations!!!!! And the doily rocks - can't wait until it is finished!!!!

(What did I just write about the exclamation points?)
eireann said…
Funny, I have that client (the one with all the !!!s), too.

Only it's not fun a-tall, is it.

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