north west :: stairwell

north west :: stairwell Originally uploaded by dressform.

nook #2 for amanda's corners of our homes.... details on the photo available here .

i'm so on the run... have to head to school.... my life = sieve :: time = water


wendy said…
love seeing the little corners of your home.

good luck with lady time.
anke said…
Another stairwell? And just as lovely as the one with the gorgeous mirror! Your house must be huge! I'm so glad you added this to 'Home Story' too. I love the dark wood and the cream colored bannister.
Don't forget to breathe! :)
Lisa | eots said…
When was your home built? I love all the baseboard and window mouldings and the huge landing. The collection of dressforms you sculpted are very nice also...a closer look would be nice, when time permits, of course.
manda said…
Lovely corner! The bannister would look wonderful stripped back but you're right - what a lot of work! It looks lovely cream too.
Thanks for your comment on my blog - I really appreciated it in my moment of self doubting :)
andrea said…
what a gorgeous stairwell, so many lovely details! I love things of sameness in numbers, all grouped together. when I first saw this, I did sort of a double-take. I have a shelf in my bathroom that is nothing but ivory/white pottery pieces from the 40s/50s. I like the way they look all grouped together, like a little army. so many different creamy shades of white, so many different shapes.
Anonymous said…
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