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sketch - install shot Originally uploaded by dressform.

so.... sketch show was fun.... esp. since quite a few of us went to Mills together in overlapping time frames. we joked that it takes us being in a show in davis together to see one another.

it's always strange to walk into a show with NO idea of how your work has been hung or who you are next to.... but in this case i was super happy


they hung 3 weeks worth - and it was really strange but nice to see them on a wall.... i hadn't really thought about how they'd look that way - or in a group....

so... getting around to the 4 things that christine tagged me with.... update: camilla tagged me as well :)

four jobs i've had ::
1. not sure what to call it - but in high school i worked at a higher end furniture store where i helped out the designers and put fabric swatches/wall covering books away... i used to love looking at those
2. vintage clothing store
3. assistant director of a 2 SF galleries
4. waitress

four movies i could watch over and over ::
1. amelie [no surprise here]
2. room with a view [ mav too]
3. dead man [actually several movies by jim jarmush]
4. anything with audrey hepburn
since i was tagged twice - here are a few more.... both moives by soffia coppola, edward scissorhands....

four places i've lived ::
1. tuscon, az [but don't really remember this]
2. los angeles, ca
3. santa barbara, ca
4. oakland, ca [yeah - haven't really left sunny CA]

four TV shows i love ::
1. six feet under
2. the daily show
3. animal cops : new york
4. antiques roadshow
here are a few more.... south park, beverly hills 90210 [guilty pleasure], the sopranos

four places i've vacationed ::
1. new zealand
2. amsterdam and parts of germany
3. boston
4. new york

four of my favorite dishes ::
1. sushi
2. natto [ fermented soy beans . most people, including my dad and hubby think it's gross but it's comfort food for me]
3. a really really good hamburger [with fries of course]
4. panna cota [this is a desert, but i LOVE it]

4.5 actually i'm really lucky b/c hubby cooks all the time - so practically anything he makes....

four sites i visit daily ::
these are all DUHS - see the list on the left if you want to get specific!
1. flickr
2. bloglines
3. blingo [have you joined yet??]
4. blogger

four places i'd rather be right now ::
1. in a pool someplace warm
2. far far away
3. at the beach
4. someplace that magically has more time and teleporters.

and i'm not tagging four folks :: if you haven't done this and want to - consider yourself tagged!

wall work - beginning stages!

wall work update.... so... i yesterday i completed what i had "done" in my studio - and it's not quite right in this space. this is both good and nervewracking. after spending all day there it was sort of sad to leave the piece knowing that i still had work to not only do, but to figure out. this is good b/c a challenge is always good... and that's what this type of work is about - reacting TO a space - IN a space.... ah the life of site specific installation art.... but i think i can still pull it off... i hope i can... i hope i can.... [little engine that could]i think it needs to jump around from this wall to another.... i think i need to crochet another bigger red doily.....

oh boy do i have a stack of grading to attend to.... have a good weekend folks!


wendy said…
so amazing to see your work up and together.

wish I lived in sunny california again.

I love the start of your wall piece. with the dollie coming off the corner. good luck making it work! I know it will be fabulous.
sarah said…
so wonderful to see your beautiful work at the show, thanks for your comment too, so glad to know i'm not the only one with comment anxiety...have a lovely weekend!
anke said…
Congratulations, your drawings look wonderful together! As I said before imagine a whole room of them representing one years worth...
And I already love the doily (as I knew I would).

Ah... "A room with a view" is one of my all time favourites too! It's beautifully made with wonderful actors and has has some hilarious lines - remember the priest being glad that the picknick knifes are in the other carriage so lightning would probably strike there first? :) But I've never met anybody who liked this movie as much I do. :)
abbytrysagain said…
too funny-that is the one thing I make sure to steer clear of!
Glad to hear your show was great!
ladylinoleum said…
The show looks great!

You have to try and do a collaborative thing with your art buds. It's been wonderful for my little crowd.

Bigger red doilies would be coolio.
mav said…
OH. i can't believe i forgot about Dead Man, it is my favorite movie of all times!!!!! i think you & i have VERY similar movie tastes indeed. indeed!!!!

i agree with wendy ... i love to see all of the work up at one time.

xox! mav
Abigail said…
Lisa...the show looks fantastic, and I am loving the beginnings of your wall...

I am a panna cotta fan too!! I have a great recipe for them (many, many attemps to come up with the best combo!)...drop me an email if you fancy a copy and ill send it to you! Or..we could swap recipes and compare if you already have a fave? X
natalie said…
Firstly, your drawings for the sketch show install look like little gems gorgeous sweets, Wish I could visit

Secondly, your "4 things" list! I have loved reading these as you get a little insight into people's likes...
I can also admit to a secret liking for 90210 (I loved it when I was young, thinking Brenda's make up and hair was fantastic - oh dear)

and thirdly, your doilies! Can't wait to see it complete - it will look stunning
andrea said…
okay, first of all-- LOVE the shot of the sketch show. wish I could've been there to see them up close.

secondly, love your 'four things' list...! love learning new things about you! and I'm left wonderfing how I could've possibly left amelie off my own list...!? and yes, I'd like to be in a pool, at the beach and far far away.

thirdly, yes to the bigger red doily... I must see it!
joy madison said…
I just want you to know you are one of the coolest girls I know:) I know you can....I know you can....I know you can!
Annika Sandin said…
Nice to see your work put up together like that.
Pamela said…
Loved your list Lisa! I agree with you about Audrey Helpburn, she's amazing. Your work looks great, you are very talented

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