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hi there.... i've been tagged by christine ... and i can't refuse her! i do have a craft or die t-shirt afterall! and i will get to it... i just need to think of my repsonses... so hopefully tomorrow....

so for amanda's corners of my home .... above is our downstairs bathroom... i have posted pics of the bottle collections on flickr before... but this is more a shot of the room. i HATE the sink in there... but for such a tiny space i actually like it. it's overcrowded in a good way [does that make sense?]. it's also the space where all my orchids go since it seems to be the only place where they have a slim chance to rebloom....

more arty shot:
fuzzy bathroom

tonight i drive to davis.... i'm looking forward to seeing the sketch show.... report on that tomorrow too

installation starts
took my stuff to start installing the wall work today.... fingers crossed it goes smoothly


sarah said…
i love that, overcrowded in a good way, a lovely corner...have a fabulous time at the show!
wendy said…
I love your use of shelves in your home!
Hey you'll drive by my hometown of Dixon on your way to Davis.
Have fun at the sketch show!
You wall is going to be fabulous, I am sure.
mav said…
i wish you a ton of luck with THE WALL.
oh my gosh .... how could it not be wonderful with all of the goodness you put out there?! keep us posted! xo, mav

p.s. i agree with wendy, GREAT shelves.
poppy said…
have fun lisa with the wall - sooooooo EXCITING! i wish i could see it! and mav is right - how could it not be wonderful!! enjoy!

p.s. your bathroom is so cute!
natalie said…
good luck with the wall installation

it is going to be stunning - i know it!

Can't wait to see more
Abigail said…
Oooo..LOVE the drawings on the floor you have pictured! Best of luck with the show Lisa..have fun hanging it too! Wish I was there to see will be amazing i'm sure! x
Karen said…
Love the shelves. I try to put orchids in my bathroom as well but I think I have a black thumb because eventually, they all die.
anke said…
I love your little bathroom and overcrowded in a good way makes perfect sense!
And the bathroom is a great place for orchids because of the humidity - I keep mine there too. :) A lot of light (no direct sun though, it scorches the leaves) is essential and fertilizing works wonders if you want them to bloom again. Have to tried to repot them?

I'm so exited to see the WALL! (I'm living in Berlin after all...god, I'm so silly today, sorry...:) )
ladylinoleum said…
The corners stuff is incredibly interesting...I feel like such a voyeur.
andrea said…
love this peek into your bathroom! and now that I've finally got a digital camera (sadly, it is not a nikon D50, but still), I'm going to have to start participating... :)

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