gratefulness & amazing [un]graceful [un]malady

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hello all.... so i am feeling much better - i can not thank you enough for all the warmth and well wishes and concern... i wish i could thank you individually - which brings me to my new way to handle comments.... b/c i think the etiquette there is so strange. i don't answer them individually [consistently] even though i want to and that seems ridiculously unfair.... so from now on at the end of the day after a post [or day after depending on timing] i will comment back - if you care what my response might be or had a question i'll answer there... good?? i hope so!

but i digressed [what else is new]. i am feeling better, but i still deal with some odd bit of weirdness in my head, my ears, my neck or something every day. it's not disabilitating but it's something slightly different. last night i had the rushing of the sea in my ears for 20 minutes - like i was holding shells to them - has anyone else had that?? so i take things as they come and will see what forms next... i'm just a bit more energetic everyday and thus assume i'm getting better!

this entirely ungraceful and almost uninspired little spell has made me realize a few things.... i took last week off from drawing and decided this week too - of course just when wendy pointed out how diligent i had been. ha ha. but i realized this is OK. a break is part of the deal and i'll go back hopefully next week as long as i can sit up [that was a problem last week]

i also have been noticing what small things i am entirely grateful for. like being able to go to lunch with a friend and talk and share and treat her! for little rosemary topiaries that i can put in my kitchen... for being able to tell my students i'm sorry but i'm going to be a bit slower on grading at the moment and that is just how it is... for being introduced to ginger bread pancakes with blueberries and poached pears by another friend [her treat!]... for the warmth and comfort of our new mattress.... for falling asleep holding my hubby's hand...

and the universe has done it's best to really balance out my illness!

lovelies from mav
first came my cards from mav came.....

from AnnieBee
then this envelope from annie bee who takes AMAZING poloroids and also who sent me this incredible article about the backside of the unicorn tapestries in the cloisters . [ok - the article was really about their restoration and how some lovely computer nerds got involved]. she also has a super charming blog . anyway - the ephemera is all this stuff that she posted on flickr and which i had responded to.... along with more film to encourage me... WOW! i was so touched!

and wait there's more [like a ginzu knife ad!]:
EOTS | yarn and felt

this is a smidgen of what came from lisa / eye on the sparrow . her box was just packed - at every turn i was unwrapping tissue and finding another treasure... you can see the whole deal here . yeah - i was doing the happy dance [it was limited to my fingers and the rest was imagined IN my head, but....]

wow, huh? and would you believe i came home to another box?? and and and a few more things [this is what happens when you can think again].... i want to open up the talent thing again... there were great thoughts on that.... FINALLY [i swear!] a couple people had said they might want to read the devil in the white city together? should we pick a start date? informally chat about it??


lisa said…
so glad you are feeling better, lisa. i look forward to seeing more of your work as you are feeling well, my friend.
anke said…
I'm glad you decided to take it easy and enjoy life! And happy you are feeling better! Can't wait to see more drawings though. But be careful with that ear thing...I'm not sure, but it sounds like the beginning of acute hearing loss which is stress related. Not trying to scare you but you might want to watch it...
Isn't it funny - I always wondered about 'netiquette' too and try to answer all comments I get...I like it too when others answer mine (or write a little email to answer it as you often do). But don't get stressed again! :)
And all your mail is fab...but Lisa sends incredible packages, doesn't she?
When does book club start? And do we get membership cards? ;)
poppy said…
lisa, i just must say - you sound like such a genuinely nice person. and all these lovely gifts you've been receiving is rewarding you. always such a sincere sound to your posts and i feel like i'm listening to an old friend or cousin speak. (now i digress). i have also been thinking about how unmanageable my replies to my comments are becoming and trying to think of a way to address this. your idea is wonderful and i'll be sure to check back for your responses. because i post 3 or 4 times a day, i'm still trying to figure mine out. it just seems to be a snowball that is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. anyway - i didn't mean to write so much - (my apologies); glad to hear you are feeling much better.
wendy said…
take it slow, it seems like you are still trying to heal.
you actually only got 50 treads, maybe it means you get two weeks off!!

lovely lovely treats.

please please take it slow! :)
pat said…
glad you are feeling better but you still need to pace yourself! the response from your blogging friends only shows how much you are loved bec of your genuineness....
anne said…
well hellooooo, I didn't know about THIS blog of yours! I'm so glad you liked your package but I think I enjoyed sending it even more :)

I had no idea you were reading "devil in the white city" I LOVED that book. LOVED! I work at an architectural firm and I made my boss buy a copy for everyone for Christmas. I will happily reread it so I can discuss with you!!

I had a nasty bout of sinus mess in January and my ears are still not back to normal. The one thing that seems to help is taking a hot shower with one of those vicks shower tabs, feels like you're standing in a vaporizer but somehow it makes my ears pop.
jenny vorwaller said…
hope you feel better soon!!

natalie said…
wow it is like Christmas! you deserve your lovely gifts

Happy to hear you are feeling better (apart from the whooshing ears!)

N x
Lisa | eots said…
I was late sending your package, but it seems that its arrival was perfectly timed. I'm thrilled to see you were showered with goodies and hope this speeds your recovery!

I picked up a copy of the book today, so whenever the rest of the gang is ready, I'm good to go. Anke's right, membership cards would be spiffy. [And maybe a decoder ring for our group's secret messages?]
mav said…
so glad you're feeling better ... enjoy the cards.
thanks for posting about them.
xox! mav
eireann said…
you sound happy, too!

sorry to be a slaggard on the emailing you back business. i promised myself i'd catch up with all the email this weekend, so i shall.

sweet little presents. :)
andrea said…
oh, so good to hear that you're on the mend! although could it be that I'm coming down with some sort of sinus infection myself? I've been hearing the sound of the ocean inside my head now on and off for weeks... (and so weird that you described it as listening to sea shells because i was just using that EXACT description yesterday... so glad I'm not crazy).

I've been thinking about my comments section lately too... it's weird, isn't it? I want to respond to everyone but there just isn't enough time in the day. I'm still trying though and I like the way you're handling it. you'll have to let me know if that works for you.
lisa s said…
thank you lisa bird :)

anke... i think [and am super hopeful] that this whole sinus thing has really done a # on my inner ear and that's why i kept having vertigo and problems moving my head and that sound.... book club huh? you want cards?? i think i can handle that!

jan.... i am sort of overwhelmed by what you have said... thank you. i feel like i am talking to friends here [although some are invisible]. it's amazing that it comes across??

wendy! my forever guardian! i will... i promise!

thank you pat.... i am always touched by your comments but you remain a mystery to me.... :)

hi anniebee! yes! trying to figure out when to start the book! hmmm... and vicks in the shower actually sounds good.... i have been revelling in my showers!

jenny and natalie... thank you!! xo

mav... you're welcome... xo

lisa eots.... hmmm another request for cards?? and a decoder ring :D love it. let's see if we can all start together!!

eireann - really no hurry... i know how busy you are - this is NOT top priority! just keep it in mind! :)

andrea - another coincidence between us?????? after all the funky stuff that i've been thru - like i said to anke - this definitely has to do w/ my inner ear m'thinks... ask your doctor!! and take care! esp. when you get out of the car [i find i'm fine driving, but then i get out and need a minute to steady myself!] -

this is my first week of responding this way - let's see how it goes??


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