photobooth friday

photobooth friday Originally uploaded by dressform.

ok andrea my one and only photobooth photo....

this brings back such funny memories.... we were all in grad school. such pressure... and decided to have a girls day out. i'm not exactly sure how we all fit into the booth.... i think i was crouching on the little stool in there.... and i'm also not sure why i only have one of the images.... but this definitely reminds me of the value of being silly!!

i wish there was a photo booth around. it's such an intriguing format. which of course mac has now incorporated into their new machines.... [it's not the same, but it's still a pretty funny idea]

tomorrow i am participating in an all day [9-5] undergrad review at cca . i wonder if i'll be able to even talk after that. i better brush up on my adjectives.... tragic, moving, mundane, sublime, engaging, pedestrian, formally intriguing, conceptually lacking....

i answered comments! :) hope this new system works out.... and i'm thinking about the whole book club idea.... and when we should start the book. a few of you have requested cards??? hmmmm... maybe march 15 to give people a bit of time to get it???

i leave you with more humourous photos from minimiam [via boing boing ]. a japanese woman and french man duo....

mini peeps 1

anke, this one is particularly for you!
mini peeps 2


wendy said…
I adore this photo - you probally only have one because each of you took one of the four?

I love you answering the comments - it totally works. Then I also go back and read the comments I missed at the same time.
check this out for the old machines!!

good luck on the undergrad review...
have a great weekend too!!
lovegreendog said…
wow, so much fun! look at those big smiles :)
poppy said…
what a great shot! everyone giggling away : D it amazes me how many can fit into one of those booths! very fun!

oh how i would love to join in a book club. having a 4 yr old has somehow thrown my whole organizational skills (not that i had any to begin with) into a huge tailspin. i'm going to have to think about this. i'll be up till 4am i'm sure if i did.
sarah said…
love all the photos and the new comments system is fab, so sorry you weren't well and glad to hear that you are on the mend xxx
andrea said…
YAY!!! I love this... can't believe all four of you were able to fit into the booth... but then, that is the beauty of the booth. and all the expressions! lovelovelove it. thanks so much for posting it!

check here for locations... there seem to be a ton all over california... (big state, I know, but still).

I'm down for the book club. keep me posted.
anke said…
I love the photo - you are all looking giggly and like you had heaps of fun! Photobooths are wonderful, I wish I had one in my livingroom (which I painted today btw...I'm so 'knackered' - ha!). It would be great to take a photobooth pic every year to see how we change (and take the new people in our lives -husbands, children, new babies etc. with us...and fitting everybody in the booth will get more of a challenge every year).

Sign me up for the bookclub please, I ordered 'the devil...' today. :)

And thank you so much for posting the mushroom pics for me...after today I feel totally competent to start my new job as mushroom painter soon!

It seems you are much better so I hope you can enjoy your weekend. :)
XO Anke
laurie said…
i love the photo booth pics. my sister and her husband took some when they were first married almost 15 years ago!
lisa s said…
wendy.... you would think that's it, but no... i have a printout of all 4 someone - only that one digitally and one of us kept the 4 intact.... hmmmmm

and guess what?!? there's a machine close to me :)

lovergreendog - hi! welcome and thanks for the comment!!

jan - i know - i can't believe we all fit.... re: book club. i'm on the slow boat to china for reading - so if that makes it any more possible for you.... no pressure.... and it would have to be kind of a round about discussion w/ so many of us in so many places.... kind of a throw out a quote when you find it type of thing....

hi sarah! thank you dear!

andrea.... i gotta get copies of the other versions... somehow we also managed to move around in the booth i think?? and there IS one close to me... so big hopes on more PHBTH fridays to come!

anke - wow! you painted??!?! can't wait to see!! you'd make a perfect mushroom painter! :)
lisa s said…
laurie... i'd love to see those!! :)
jessica said…
there's a photobooth at lucky 13, on church, near market!

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