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i finally posted wall works photos! here's the flickr set to see more if you are curious! and... the show is up through august! how great is that... if anyone want to see the show let me know and i'll go with you [and oh how i wish you all so far away were closer!!]

i love the responses to the idea of talent... i want to sit and think before i write more on it... but shari has some great thoughts on her blog.... and green girl started a thread on process.... ooohhh another great thing to ponder.... loving this....

re :: middlesex... i was so happy to hear that others said it was a slow read for them.... i LOVED the charcter names [calliope, lefty...]... i also liked the idea of telling a personal history combining both the past and present. also loved the idea that in a sense we are all on some kind of fence - that we can make changes - deal with painful aspects of change... the style of writing is also really engaging - on the poetic side, but not at all overly emotional or too flowy... the only thing i wanted was a bit more what else happens to cal??

my dad bought me this book and it will be my next read.... anyone want to join me??

we had amazing skies today here.... blue blue blue... crisp crisp crisp with fluffy pillow soft clouds.... ahhh

there are a few more really lovely why we blogs - check em out!


poppy said…
so amazing lisa! WOW! i loved the 3 dimensional feel and floatiness (word?)! very exciting! congratulations!

p.s. still marinating...(thoughts on talent)
sarah said…
lisa, i just saw your wall works over at flickr, it looks so beautiful, well done...
pat said…
Your wall is filled with colorful life!

Your Dad's book is an interesting piece of history that reads like a story of fascinating, determined, and in one case frightening people. You'll be amazed to learn how something that happened more than 100 years ago still impacts life today!
wendy said…
love the wall!!
I wish I was out there to go and see, but maybe before august I'll be making a trip!
The combination of paint and thread dollies are really really fantastic.
anke said…
Ahhh...it's done! I loved the pictures of the wall work over at flickr...it looks absolutely amazing. So glad it worked out so wonderfully. I wish I could come over and take a closer look - really like the mixed media. And we could toast you! :)

I haven't heard of the book but it sounds promising...tell me if you do start an online book club. ;)
mati rose said…
hello lisa,
i would love to see the wall in person sometime! also, that book looks fascinating... maybe i'll pick it up. thanks for sharing all:)
Shari said…
Hi Lisa
First, thanks for the mention today. Oh and I ADORE wall work. The photos are wonderful. Have a great afternoon.
natalie said…
just stunning! i loved the pictures of the show

so successful - well done!
Ky said…
helloooo lisa =) i encountered your site via the illustrious jan (yay jan!), and must say that i am enamoured of your style. you have been ceremoniously added to my "crushworthy" links on my site!
abbytrysagain said…
Your work is so beautiful :)
August is a long time-I REALLY need to plan a visit. The new book sounds really good, I must check it out at the library, I am in desperate need of a commuting book.
Liesl said…
Nice work, Lisa! Wish I could see it in person. And thanks for the birthday wishes; I always appreciate your comments, as you know!
Lisa | eots said…
Exquisite! Congratulations!!

The book looks intriguing, I'll pick up a copy and join you.
andrea said…
wowwowwowwow... the installation, lisa... it's gorgeous... I love it, oh yes I do... love. it.

re: middlesex-- once I was sucked into the book, I fell in love with the way it moved in and out of so many personal histories, loved the way the words made for an accessible sort of poetry. stunning to read, but totally on the level. and yes, I wanted to know more about cal... more, more, more!

going to try to grab me a copy of that book your dad gave you... would love to read along... :)

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