bask in the 5 minutes of sun

big thanks ohbara! Originally uploaded by dressform.

so apparently we broke some record up here - only 3 or 4 days with out rain this month. there was sun for all of about an hour this morning and so i hastily snapped a pic of me in my FABULOUS new skirt [yes you may all be jealous] made by eireann of ohbara fame! thank you! can't wait until i can wear it w/out jeans underneath.... soon soon soon [this is more like a prayer now instead of a wish]

i am pretty tired today. there is something about that first week of school. the testing of water... trying to get a feel for personalities... being "on".... blabbering... trying to be somewhat entertaining and yet serious enough at the same time.

but... i did end up in the studio this afternoon. GASP [a whole afternoon!]. it has been so long... trepidation... but then... it all came back. my old trick of leaving something for me to finish actually worked - in this case it was something to start, but i had laid the plan prior....

part 1 of a six panel target piece. yup. 6 panels.... it's the pekinese stitch and i don't know if you can tell but the colors are slightly varigated... light to dark... i think this actually might work. [gasp again!] photo courtesy of my phone!

tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the music swap so if you were on the fence.... come on... join us on the dark side....

and i've been thinking alot about taste - every morning in the shower. not the taste that appears in your mouth - but the kind that lives in your head.... more on this next week....

have a great weekend... oh! i almost forgot... miss hula added a submission to why we blog [link to the whole list on left there]... she's a wordsmith... you should check it out! and..... i'm excited b/c a bird is coming to my studio tomorrow!!


Meredith said…
Yes, this rain is enough to drive one batty. I don't think we even got five minutes of sun today up here in Sonoma County. You got lucky.
abbytrysagain said…
That skirt is awesome! I feel ya on the whole "Raining thing" ugh. Two of my sisters live in the city and they are kind of freaking out. Oh yeah-and I wanted to ask you if you ever like going to plays because my sis is in really great one there right now-anyway...I love your target stuff-do you have any of it (new or old) for sale?? Have fun with birdinthehand Lisa, I think I am meeting "little birds" Stephanie at the craft fair next weekend-too fun. anyway-happy friday!
wendy said…
lovely bright skirt to blast into spring!
and the target looks fabulous.
I love the slight gradation in color. subtle and lovely.
two lisa's together! Have fun!
cally said…
That skirt is gorgeous and hope your prayers for better weather are answered. Your phone took a good picture of your new target piece, will be good to see the full 6 parts.

Feeling all honoured that you visited my blog! Thanks for commenting. You were one of my key early blog discoveries that really inspired me to start blogging as a way of keeping crafty contact while I work on my renovation.. so thanks for halping keep me sane!
Aurora said…
Those are some truly marvy stitches m'dear! Wow! I want to see the whole thing! More please! Wishing you extended periods of sunshine and more uber cute skirts like that. Hottie! xo a
natalie said…
such a lovely skirt...lucky you!

love the new target piece, the gradient coloured thread works really well with the circle design...
andrea said…
girl, I am bananas over that skirt! really, I'm crazy for it.

love the new work you've started up (yum, can't wait to see more).

and thanks for the sweet shout out. don't know how much of a wordsmith I am, but totally honored that you think so. :)
poppy said…
love that new panel piece! the varigated color and the graphic combination! looking forward to seeing more!

fun skirt - i have something similar i should photograph for you.

nice to be back here!
Abigail said…
Oh how much am I loving the new target piece!! The colour gradation is just perfect...mmmmmm.. stitchy-goodness :)

You look great in that fabby new skirt..what a treat, so cute! Glad you got some sun to show it off...I think I must be the only person who loves rain, send it all to me!! XX
eireann said…
AHHHH!!! That skirt looks SO GOOD on you! I bought extra of that fabric (because the shop was almost out and they thought it might be discontinued) and now I think I need to make another one for me.

I am so pleased that you like it. :D --you know!
Amanda Woodward said…
argh, the rain is just awful huh?? I'm going slightly batty, but at the same time, it means it's not 900 degrees in Redding!!! I dread the summers!

I was going to sign up for the cd swap yesterday, I kept mulling over it over and over & I wasn't sure someone would really like a handwritten cd, I wouldn't want someone to feel ripped off...ya know?!

I love the Target piece, its wonderful & the skirt is incredible!!!! Yay!
Ky said…
such goodness posted here...=)
dani said…
the skirt is divine - i've got to check her stuff out!

and your beautiful art is just that - i love it!!! really very cool!

and while you have so much rain, we have so little.
vegasandvenice said…
That skirt was sooo cute when she posted about it and it looks incredibly fantastic on you!!
anke said…
The skirt is devine!!! I'm in live...and it looks so beautiful on you. Eireann is incredibly talented and very very sweet.

I hear you on the rain almost never stops over here. But spring is in the ar and I can hear a lot of birds when I wake up in the morning.

I can totally see the different blues and it looks great - I've never heard of the stitch before! I'm very much looking forward to see the whole thing. :)

Lisa posted about your meeting on her blog - sounds like you had a wonderful wonderful time!
lisa s said…
meredith... i LIKE rain, but this is too much for me... i guess the upside is that there are long enough breaks in between to prevent flooding? esp. in your neck of the woods!

abby.... thanks dear!! you'll have such a great time at the fair... i know it!

wendy.... i like the slight gradation too.... minutia.... :)

cally... i can not tell you how much your words mean to me. i am stunned and flattered and..... thank you for commenting... i will be sure and check up on you!

aurora... YOU are the hottie... i'm working on more... only can stitch em so fast :D

natalie... thank you!!!

andrea... i love my skirt too - can't help it.... and i call em like i see em....

jan... i eagerly await a photo! glad to have you back!!!!

abigail - i'd gladly send some rain your way. it's like STUCK here.... in a groove, not leaving... daily occurance

eireann - i am tickled that we might be twins! i so so love the skirt... thank you!

amanda.... want to CD swap w/ me?? i'd love a handwritten one.... :)

thanks ky.....

dani... definitely check out bara design! and thank you for such kind words... i'd gladly send you some rain if i could!

vegas... thanks!

hello anke! i am quite lucky indeed.... and thank you for liking the target. i'm anxious to see all 6 panels too.... i wish i could have YOU over for a visit! xo

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