drawing a day ~ week 28

drawing a day ~ week 28 Originally uploaded by dressform.

i thought i was going to announce a mini-vacation from the drawings... IF things had gone according to plan we'd be in a car driving our little hearts out to new mexico.... but hubby got the flu. bad.... and thus our vacation away is turning into vacation of movie watching at home! i'm a little sad [was looking forward to really playing with the camera], but also slightly relieved [long drive]. so instead... one week of rest and maybe some house projects. [living room still needs to be painted]

didn't go too crazy w/ pics in LA.... here are two from the freeway [so LA] the first one is my attempt to make the traffic disappear [you can see it better on flickr]

go away traffic

power lines

so.... karen crustacean was EXCELLENT! i had halibut [served w/ tomatoes, onions and mushrooms in a brown sauce that wasn't just soy/ginger] and shared garlic noodles w/ my pop. the garlic noodles are really amazing there. i'm not sure how they infuse so much garlic goodness into chow mein noodles.... and the lobster/mago salad was pretty amazing too. part of what is so nice about that place is the ambiance. the interior is unusual [lots of teak wood and asian screens] and there's the koi pond that you get to walk over [literally - it has thick plexi so you walk on top of this mini stream]....

uh... where was i?? this week's drawings... i sort of like the flow of the week... back and forth between minimal and layered. couldn't make up my mind.... wendy thanks for letting me steal your wings!!!

oh! the other reason i was in LA was to help celebrate the opening of my friend's gallery: the walter maciel gallery . this has been his dream for such a long time [we used to work together eons ago]. i am so so happy for him! [and if you care - i designed his logo :) ]

the purple people

the funniest moment was when these purple people showed up. yeah. in purple from head to toe! jan, unfortunately the alphabet show was not open for me to check out! so instead we went to mitsuwa . japanese snack heaven!!

oh! the other thing i'll do this week is read! getting into white city pretty hard. it's funny how it made me realize that i take elevators for granted! and dr.holmes.... eeeeeewwwwwww and he hasn't even done anything yet. i keep reminding myself that this is a TRUE story....


Amanda Woodward said…
I've already said it on flickr, but I adore your bed drawing, its just wonderful. Purple people totally cracked me up, on Wednesday we are having a lecture from Keith Boyle, whos apparently 86 & only showing 3 slides for a 2 hour long lecture. Yikes! It's amazing the crazy things at art shows. I want to join the cd swap, but I don't have a super fancy printer, so my track listing would be handwritten & I kinda would feel bad if the person thought I didn't put any work into it...blech. Boo to lousy printers!!! Hope Mr. Hubby feels better!!!
wendy said…
bummer about the sick guy - are you a good nurse?
crustacean sounds awsome - love the sound of the interior - teak and koi you really can't go wrong.

love the bed dollie and your wings look fabulous!
love the tiny little cardboard and the one that feels like strings of outdoor lights.
abbytrysagain said…
Welcome back! Sorry about the flu-thing, although that is good that you get time to work on some other stuff. That restaurant sound so cool :) I must go on over to flickr to takr a better look at your drawings. Yeah-so into the book! On the bus I said "Oh sick" so loud today I got some freaky look from an eldery lady-Dr. Holmes is so so so creepy! Okay-this line "He sensed vulnerability, sensed it the way another man might capture the trace of a woman's perfume" (p36). Okay-scary! The description of the Eastern architects on p 79 is great, too-too long to type though :)
now THIS will be my longest comment ever! ha!
poppy said…
absolutely digging your new set! i'm in love with that green! the grid one is to die for and love the wings and the bed and....


hope your husband gets well soon and that you two have a great week just hanging out. that sounds just as lovely!

and LOVED the WM logo! so simple and understated yet memorable in another great green i might add!
pat said…
Great work on the logo for Walter's gallery! The contrast between the people involved in building and promoting the fair and Dr. Holmes is amazing in White City.....
anne said…
oh no, poor husband, hope he feels better soon :( sometimes lazy movie-watching weeks at home are just what the doctor ordered.

Your weekly drawings just keep drawing me in (oh groan). I'm always amazed that you manage to create something new and exciting each week.

So happy you're loving Devil. Dr. Holmes gave me nightmares but that didn't stop me from reading the book.
Lala said…
Sorry to read about foiled vacation plans. Hope the hubbie gets better soon.
I had to cancel travle plans in May to Prague, so I feel your disappointment. These things always happen for a reason.
mav said…
wow!!!! so much going on. art show ... poor hubby. wow wow wow. i am so behind on blog entries ... i want in on the music swap too. i'll email you! hugs, mav
Anonymous said…
Love your drawings and photographs. I miss eating at Thanh Long [sister restaurant to Crustacean in the Sunset District]. LOVE their roasted crab and garlic noodles! Yum!
anke said…
Oooh...first comment after quite some time.
Ineed to get over to flickr to get a proper look at the drawings.

So sorry your trip didn't work out, but I hope you had a nice time at home. Everybody is so into the book! Is there a deadline when we should have finished it so we can discuss it?

Get better Lisas husband - having the flu sucks big time!
natalie said…
sometimes a week at home hanging about with each other watching films and lazing about is good (sounds like every weekend for us - I do too much lazing!)

Hope your husband gets well soon!

I agree the WM logo is fanastic, so perfect!

and I would have loved to join the book club but I am a slowish reader and I only get to read on the train to work these days as if i try to read in bed i just fall asleep hehe

Maybe next time? :)
lisa s said…
amanda.... join the CD swap! like i emailed you... hand written CD liner notes RULE!! thanks for being so sweet about the bed drawing!

wendy... i'm a good nurse, but he's a horrid patient :) thanks for all the kindness about drawins

abby... i had the SAME quote picked out! :)

jan... thanks.... so nice of you.... i love that retro lime/avacado green family. i can never seem to get enough of it.... :)

pat... yes... the contrast is page turning.... it's an interesting balance between different kinds of hard work.... work for "good" and work for "evil"

abee... i love puns so go ahead and keep em coming.... yes... laziness can be good sometimes....

lala... i think you are right.... i really needed a break, so i'm not complaining!

mav... as the inspiration for the music swap you should totally join in! xo

anke.... i can't think of a deadline... maybe when we are all close to done?? or we can just check in w/ one another.... hmmmm didn't plan that far ahead! :)

natalie.... i'm a pretty pokey reader now too.... you can join in whenever - next time... this time... you are ALWAYS welcome!!!!! thanks for the compliment on the WM logo... he was fun to work with - had vision, but also wanted to let me do my own thing!
lisa s said…
and oh! anonymous person.... i didn't even realize that there was a crustacean up here until my grandmother mentioned it... and now you tell me of a sister restaurant.... i might have to go get my garlic noodle fix!!

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