lazy daisy dishes

daisy dishes Originally uploaded by dressform.

hi there.... above more playing with the new camera [and pairings. i'm hooked on them... so simple, but true... two images can mean something so different than just one....]

wow - response to music swap has been great!! very excited.... i can't quite get over how far and wide you all are from... australia, canada, scotland, germany.... all parts of the U.S. [many i've never visited!].... i'm loving the idea of CD's travelling around the globe [poetic, yes?!]

i'm in LA for quick visit [i was going to say for today and tomorrow, it's already tomorrow!... gotta go to bed!!]

we had dinner at crustacean . if that isn't a treat i don't know what is... hopefully i'll have some pics to show of the trip down here [and hoping to go the the alphabet show!!]... didn't manage to really take many today.... g'night!


wendy said…
love those images and the pairing is really lovely!
have fun in la - and crustacean sounds delicious - crab is one of my favorite foods!

do you fly back and forth?
if so what airline?
abbytrysagain said…
hey there-hope you are having fun in LA! I got the book and am sooo into it. It is so strange because my Aunt lived in Chicago for awhile and I have been pouring over her scrapbooks recently and the book goes into so many details about the city's early times. Then James tells me "Oh yeah, most of my family lived in Chicago during that time-and my grandma has photos and stuff" too cool! Ok-the doctor is so creepy! Ah-hope you are enjoying it, too!
Karen said…
YUM!!! That restaurant looks to die for. Reviews please!
lisa said…
i like those dishes, lisa.
lisa s said…
wendy... thanks!! crustacean is amazing! recommend it! yes! fly... sourthwest.....

abby... so far i'm super into the book too!! will post more soon!

karen... next post, promise!

lisa... me too! i feel so lucky to have them!
andrea said…
wow, I'm really loving these pairings you've been doing... especially this one of the daisies and the dishes. lovelovelove.

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